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SoapMaker Software Discount

At The Nova Studio, we help people by providing tested recipes, solid methods & techniques, and clear & detailed instructions. In addition, we recommend products, services, individuals and companies that we’ve come to know & love over the past 14 years as soapmakers, bath & body product makers, and small business owners. With each new year comes the opportunity to get your business organized, and stay that way. The most frequent comment we hear when talking to people about this is, “I wish I would… Read More!


Mother & Daughter Annual Soapmaking Tradition

Cassie Durant, Co-Owner of The Nova Studio, Taking a Class from Ruth Esteves, with her Mom, Denise Jessie

In 2010, shortly after my Dad passed away, I was searching for a new job. I was desperate for anything in an office setting. I had been working in food services and hated it so badly that I just couldn’t bear to go back. I came across Lori’s post for a “rock star administrative assistant” and applied right away. I distinctly remember messaging my Mom shortly after I found out about The Nova Studio that I was going to take her there for Mother’s Day… Read More!


Please Stop Using “Antibacterial Soaps” (New FDA Ruling)

liquid dial antibacterial soap

Even though I prefer bar soap to liquid soap every day of the year, I get why a lot of people (especially families with children) like to use liquid soap over bar soap. And I also get why people would be more likely to choose a soap that’s labelled “ANTIBACTERIAL” over one that’s not. We’re all trying to protect ourselves and our families from sicknesses – but sometimes what we think is protecting us, can actually be harming us. For years, I’ve been hearing about… Read More!


Gypsy Dreams: Much More Than a Vendor Wagon

vardo mobile gypsy market wagon

We love to see the inspiring things other soapers and business owners do! I’ve done a few farmers’ markets and festivals over the years, and it was always such a challenge to set up a booth that is eye catching, displays products well, consistent with your brand, and is something that can be unloaded, set up and ready to go without too much hassle (although let’s face it, selling at a fair/festival/market is a ton of work – I have so much respect for those… Read More!


There’s Nothing to Fear from Bar Soap

As the maker of bar soap, I often get asked by customers if I also make liquid soap. Many folks believe that bar soap is somehow unsanitary. I’ve even read that bacteria can grow on soap bars, and that people shouldn’t share bars because it can spread disease. Ick. So I went looking for some evidence that bar soap is this vector of contagion. I found several studies that show that bar soap, especially when left to sit in a puddle of water or in… Read More!


Free – Colorant Testing Worksheet

Want to use a new colorant in your cold process soap but don’t know where to begin? Have you had disappointing results with some ingredients that turned out …well… not how you expected and now you’d like to do some testing to make sure you have consistent results in the future? Well then, check out our free Colorant Testing Worksheet! You can do your own colorant testing, similar to what Ruth did in her Coloring Soap Naturally eBook. Print it off for all your colorant… Read More!

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