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Top Secret Melt and Pour Soap Crafting Tricks

In the world of melt and pour soaping, the instructions are very simple. Yes it is as easy as melting and pouring to make glycerin soap bars, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to professional melt and pour soap results. After years of teaching and experimenting, I learned a few melt and pour soap crafting tricks. When I wanted to make sprinkles I had to find a way to stop the soap from spreading when I dropped it onto… Read More!


Free Snowflake Melt & Pour Soap Bars Tutorial

One reason I love shredded glitter is because I rarely see it used in soap projects, and I think it’s so special! This project uses that icy look to full advantage, with layers of translucent pastel snowflakes that sparkle with shredded glitter, lying on a bed of shimmering snow white. Making them in the beveled tray mold makes cutting a snap, plus they look so professional! Try this out when you need 9 handmade gifts in a jiffy. Supplies: 2 lb clear soap base, cut into cubes 6 oz white soap base,… Read More!


Learn from Soapylove

Debbie Chialtas from Soapylove Showing Girls How to Make Soap

We love working with Debbie from Soapylove. She is so creative and her projects are easy to follow and re-create from her careful directions. We thought it would be helpful to round up all the ways that you can learn from Debbie, plus give you some fun facts about Soapylove. Fun Facts Debbie started making soaps when she was pregnant and wanted to learn how to make lotion for her expanding tummy. She went to a class and got sucked into soap making books –… Read More!


Free Ombre Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial

It’s so fun when a fashion trend translates perfectly into glycerin soap crafting! Like the “ombre” effect, which is a pretty color fade that is being used in everything from dip dyed shorts to hair color effects. Getting a perfect fade in soap might seem tricky, but with a simple technique you’ll get gorgeous results every time. I see these soaps as a very elegant wedding or bridal shower favor, or a pretty way to add color to enhance your fragrance choice. This is also… Read More!


Tips for Melt and Pour Soap Entrepreneurs

We’ve had lots of melt and pour classes at the Studio over the years & currently have loads of tutorials from artist Debbie of Soapylove available for instant download on our website. Lori recently had a discussion with someone who makes and sells melt and pour soap and she thought some of their discussion would be helpful for others, too! The decision of whether to label your soap as “natural” or not gets muddied in the melt and pour soapmaking world. Obviously it’s all up to… Read More!


How Did You Get Here?

Debbie Chialtas, Founder of Soapylove, with Lori Nova Endres, Founder of The Nova Studio

If you manage a website, you know there’s an addiction that comes with it to check those stats over…and over…and over. And while most of them are helpful for us & rather boring to our students, we thought it would be fun to answer the question – How Did You Get Here?! While the greatest percentage of the traffic to TheNovaStudio.com comes from Google or typing our url directly into the browser, these 5 website send us lots of traffic, too: Soapylove.com Debbie Chialtas, mastermind… Read More!

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