Recommended Suppliers & Affiliates

Where would we be without great suppliers of all the ingredients and tools we need to make our custom, natural bath & body products? Here’s a list of some of our favorite Suppliers and Affiliates. These are people that we know personally and companies we order from ourselves (and those we recommend to our students). Some suppliers even have discount codes that can save you a little cash when you check out. We would really appreciate it if you can bookmark and come back to this page each time you order. By clicking on our affiliate links below every time, the companies track where the order came from and send us a little “thank you” in the form of a credit or affiliate percentage that helps keep the studio growing and going strong. Thanks in advance!

Supplier Affiliates

Bramble Berry Location: Bellingham, WA
Owner Anne-Marie Faiola is an amazing resource for the soap community. Bramble Berry was one of the very first that Lori ordered from online, back in 2001. Since then, we’ve seen this company grow by leaps & bounds and are proud to be an affiliate. They offer a very large variety of raw materials to make all kinds of soap, as well as many do-it-yourself bath & body care products.

bramble berry
Soap Equipment Location: Hagerstown, IN
We love their loaf cutters for handmade soap! This company serves our handcrafted industry to over 90 countries and 1,600 cities since 1996. Get professional quality soap and candle making equipment, tools and accessories here. If you enter their site through our link above when ordering and enter code NSCustomer in the coupon/discount code field at checkout, you’ll save 5% off ALL on-line orders. Note: The Code NSCustomer is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as written.

From Nature with Love Location: Hawleyville, CT
FNWL offers a large selection of 1,750+ natural ingredients used in soap making, skin care, hair care, toiletries, aromatherapy, spa products and also offers packaging supplies, bath accessories, etc. If you enter code EDU149 in the discount code field at checkout, you’ll save 10% off your entire on-line order and we’ll get a small referral discount. Expiration: 12/31/2017. Some restrictions apply.

Non-Supplier Affiliates

SiteGround Location: Panama City, Panama
We started using SiteGround for hosting in December 2014 and we are very happy with the service. Their customer service is available by chat all the time, and their technical support answers support tickets quickly and accurately.

Web Hosting

Square Location: San Francisco, CA
Do you sell at shows or farmers’ markets and only take cash or check? Tired of hearing people say “I only have a credit card”? Square is awesome for anyone who sells products and needs an inexpensive, reliable way to take credit card payments while on the go. The free Square Reader works with the free Square Register app to allow everyone to take payments on their smartphone or tablet. When you activate your Square account through our referral link above, you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free (NO transaction fees) during the first 180 days. We’ll get the same benefit. It’s a win:win!

Pic Monkey Location: Seattle, WA
You know what “they” say… a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re publishing an email newsletter or using social media for your business, you need the right picture for the right occasion. Pic Monkey is a royalty free image editing program, perfect for adding text to photos for your website, social media, or event print. It’s free for a basic subscription, but for a very small monthly cost, you can upgrade to a “Royale” membership for some really cool customization features. Check out their 7-day free trial period using our referral link above.

Colorado Aromatics Location: Longmont, CO
Fellow “Indie” Cindy Jones Ph.D. runs this skincare company (as well as Sagescript Institute that does microbiology testing for other makers). Lori recently bought a bunch of facial care products packed with herbal goodness, and was really impressed. We’ve had the opportunity to get to know Cindy better during several online events and are honored to now be an affiliate for her company.

Other Recommended Suppliers

Mountain Rose Herbs Location: Eugene, OR

Excellent high quality (many) organic ingredients for making your own natural products. We love their herbs, essential oils, teas, and so much more.

Mission Peak Soap Location: Fremont, CA

The founder of Mission Peak Soap, David Critchfield, taught a big batch production, liquid soap, and several other advanced soap making classes for nearly a decade at The Nova Studio when he wasn’t tending his bees. One of our students, Shirin Samiljan, is taking Mission Peak Soap and Supplies forward so that Critch can spend more time riding his bike. We highly recommend the SoapQuick soapmaking blend, in both organic and conventional formulas. A local supplier, Mission Peak Soap & Supplies also sells California-specific products. Visit for more information. Nova Studio students receive a $5 coupon.

TKB Trading Location: Oakland, CA

Owner Kaila Westerman taught the original class on Making Mineral Makeup at The Nova Studio back in the day. She also wrote the book we recommend for Melt & Pour Soap Crafting. Her company sells raw materials (all types of soap & cosmetic colors, mineral makeup supplies & much more) through their website. They don’t have a retail walk-in location, but you can purchase on-line and do a will-call pick-up of your order to save shipping. Get a coupon code for 10% off all online orders as a student of The Nova Studio.

Lotioncrafter Location: Olga, WA

Lotioncrafter is a supplier of ingredients, packaging and equipment for making lotions/creams. They feature fine cosmetic ingredients, actives and cosmeceuticals, preservatives, silicones, and formulating equipment. Visit Lotioncrafter’s on-site Reference Room for accurate information on ingredients, formulating, regulations and more.  Students of The Nova Studio will receive a special discount code for a 5% discount on their online orders. If you are a student and need the new code, please contact us.

Soapies Supplies Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Soap and toiletry making supplies for the handcrafter – since 2001. Soapies Supplies specializes in numerous and varied containers; base and specialty oils; flavored oils and fragrance oils; creamy butters; raw materials such as almond meal, citric acid and sea salts; soap molds; and finally, a fantastic line of colorful jojoba spheres.

Elements Bath & Body Location: Crestwood, KY

Started in 2002 by Mike & Tammy Tivis, a wholesale soap making & toiletry supply resource for those who are inspired to make quality products. They are committed to providing high quality products, excellent customer service, fast shipping & reasonable prices.

San Francisco Bath Salt Company Location: Hayward, CA

If you live on the West Coast and are looking for bulk salt, this is the place to go! Their prices are very reasonable and when you factor in the cost of shipping, their prices almost can’t be beat. They offer many different types of bulk salt like dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, dendritic, epsom, and a bunch of others.

Oak Court Creations Location: Minooka, IL

Home of AromaArt Air Fresheners, a fun easy product to add to your scented bath & body line. Find base oils, incense supplies, reed diffuser ingredients, and a lot more on their well-organized site.

Online Labels Location: Longwood, FL

We’ve been making all our labels for years by purchasing the blank label stock from this company. Great customer service, excellent selection & very fair prices.

Soap Impressions

We have two custom logo stamps from Soap Impressions that we absolutely adore – along with an awesome alphabet stamp. As well as offering custom & in-stock soap stamps, they also have pH strips for testing your soap and several fonts to choose from for your alphabet stamp set. Pair great products with excellent customer service, and you get Soap Impressions! Let them know we sent you.

Essential Wholesale Location: Clackamas, OR

A huge selection of pre-made bases to formulate with ease, testing services (for lotions/creams, etc.) and really good information on their website all about their products. They carry just about every product everyone would need to make their own natural products. Great company – great customer service. If you enter code NOVA05 in the coupon/discount code field at checkout you’ll save 5% off your entire on-line order. Location: PA

Large selection of natural candle waxes, wick & everything candle related. We really like their EVO dyes (candle colorants). Good prices on 500 packs of wick. Mention code “welcome” to receive 10% Off Your First Order of $50 or more.

Juniper Tree Location: Berkeley, CA

For anyone in the SF Bay Area, this is a must-see store in Berkeley. It’s a one-stop shop where you can purchase many of the raw materials used in our classes. Lori taught classes on their back patio and her first studio (The Lavender Room) was located across the street from this store. Their retail store is a treat for the eyes and the senses. They do have a website, but don’t take on-line orders. You can get their contact info and browse their products there.

Find other valuable websites on our “Other Links” page.


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