Wholesale Linesheet Template for MS Word


by Kenna Cote

This wholesale linesheet template is a digital download. Once purchased, you’ll find the access link in your MY ACCOUNT page.

This is an easy to use template to create your first wholesale linesheet until you can upgrade to a pro designer!

Ready to start wholesaling but don’t have hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, to have professional wholesale materials created for you? Many handmade entrepreneurs need to DIY their wholesale materials until they can afford to hire a pro. This is something I’ve heard hundreds of times, especially when I was designing these materials for other makers! One of my students mentioned that they would love a plug & play template to use to create their own linesheet. I came to the conclusion that most soapmakers have access to Microsoft Word and that would be the best option for creating a handy linesheet template. So, here you go!

What’s inside?

This Wholesale Linesheet Template is designed to be an affordable template to help you create your first wholesale linesheet so you can start approaching wholesale accounts without forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars on professionally designed materials. It includes:

  • Microsoft Word linesheet template to customize
  • Image templates to create your own images
  • Example linesheet created from this template so you see what can be done
  • Detailed instructions that will guide you through using the template

With this template, you can fully customize the look of the content, including:

  • Change out the logo with your own logo
  • Change out the example product images with your own
  • Change the colors used throughout the template with your own
  • Change the font styles and sizes with your own
  • Change the contact information, product information, and wholesale information with your own

In the images located to the top left of this page, you can see an example of a linesheet created with this template to see how much you can really do!

I’ve purchased it… now what?

This wholesale linesheet template is a digital download & all of the relevant files are included in a ZIP file. After ordering, simply log into your Nova Account HERE and you’ll find the link for the ZIP file containing the template & instructions. You will need to extract the files from the ZIP folder to get started (here are 3 ways to do this.) The instructions are included & located in a PDF file, and you will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF reading program to view them. The links expire & disappear from your Nova account after 30 days or 5 downloads – so be sure to save ALL the files to your computer so you’ll have permanent access forever. Any problems or questions accessing your files, feel free to Contact Us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

See “Template Refund Policy” in the tab below for more details.

Tested for Compatibility

This wholesale linesheet template was creating in Microsoft Office Word 2016 on Windows 10. Before releasing this template, I asked dozens of users to test it in their versions of Word, on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It has been used to successfully create a basic wholesale linesheet in the following programs:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 (Windows)
  • Microsoft Office Word 2010 (Windows)
  • Microsoft Office Word 2013 (Windows)
  • Microsoft Office Word 2016 (Windows)

If you do not use one of the versions mentioned, you may still be able to use this template, however, the instructions may not be 100% accurate. I’m in the process of testing this template in other versions, and will update this listing as needed. The instructions detail how to replace and customize the entire template, and also reference extensive documentation provided by Microsoft Office for the versions listed above.

Please read more details in the tabs below before purchasing.

A note from Kenna: “I have done my best to make this wholesale linesheet template as easy to use as possible and have had several users test it in various versions of Microsoft Word, as indicated. My goal with this template is to give you a starting point with DIY wholesale materials until you can afford to outsource the design work. If you are not able to make this wholesale linesheet template work for you with the directions provided and the available help files, please return it within 7 days with a note describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund or credit your charge card for what you paid for the template. To initiate a return, simply reply to your email receipt.”


kenna-modern-soapmakingKenna Cote created Modern Soapmaking in 2014, a proverbial online playground for soapmakers, after owning & operating 2 successful soap companies. With over 10 years of soapmaking experience, she passes on her knowledge through resources & eBooks. She continues to nurture soapmakers through mentorship programs & workshops, as well as publications. When “off” work, she indulges in photography, MMORPGs (video games!), & her amazingly supportive family (with 4 little ones). If you catch one of her YouTube soapmaking videos, you’ll see her in her element: working at 3 am with caffeine in hand, listening to her favorite electronic music. Learn a variety of soap making topics from Kenna.


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