Soapylove eZine: Issue 8


by Debbie Chialtas

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April 2011! Included Inside:

    • How to Make Your Own Bottle Soaps
    • Make a Custom “Glove Mold”
    • Using Salt in Glycerin Soaps
    • Floral Spa Br Tutorial
    • Adorable Soap Sprinkles
    • Behind the Scenes at Klean Spa’s Workroom

Debbie is finding inspiration in antique glassware for the featured tutorial. Not only does she explain making soap that looks like glass, but making your own molds. It’s not difficult or expensive, and we promise your friends and customers will be very impressed! Choose manly bottles for cool Father’s Day gifts, or fancy perfume bottles for a wonderful Mother’s
Day project!

Next find out how to use salt in your soaps. You might expect salt to be super scratchy but actually it dissolves quickly, giving your skin important minerals.

Then you will LOVE making your own soap sprinkles! Debbie’s special soap formula gives you nice, tall dots. You will want to toss them onto all of your sweetest soapy projects!

Finally – take a tour of Jennifer Hardaway’s professional workspace. Her line of lotions and scrubs are all produced in her 300 square foot shop. Take a tour and get some tips for your own space!

Summary of what’s in this Digital eZine:

  • Cover Sheet/Page 1: Image of Bottles Soap & list of main articles
  • Page 2: Close up image of soap sprinkles
  • Page 3: Table of Contents
  • Page 4: Introduction to the eZine
  • Page 5: Image of types of salt
  • Page 6: How to Make Silicone Bottle Mold tutorial with supplies and intro paragraph and images
  • Page 7: Step-by-step instructions of making silicone bottle mold with images
  • Page 8: Continued instructions and images for making silicone bottle mold
  • Page 9: Using Your Bottle Mold images & instructions
  • Page 10: Inspiration images for Bottles Soaps
  • Page 11: Getting Cool Effects With Your Soap Bottles (7 tips & tricks for stunning soaps)
  • Page 12-14: Behind the Scenes at KleanSpa images & article
  • Page 15: The Art of Soap book introduction, with images and quotes from Donna Maria Coles Johnson & Lori Nova Endres
  • Page 16: Close up on salt bar project
  • Page 17: Floral Spa Bar Tutorial with supplies list, instructions and images
  • Page 18: Continued instructions & images for Floral Spa Bar, plus tips
  • Page 19: About Salt…information & tips for using in melt & pour soap
  • Page 20: Close up on soap featuring Soap Sprinkles
  • Page 21: Introduction & list of supplies needed for soap sprinkles
  • Page 22: Step-by-step instructions for making soap sprinkles & using them, including photos
  • Page 23: Supply Resource Directory
  • Page 24: Back cover with close up on soap sprinkles

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debbie headshot croppedDebbie Chialtas is a self taught melt & pour soap artist who has been feverishly making soaps since 2005. Her business, SoapyLove, is famous for its unique Soapy Pops which have appeared in Glamour, People, Cosmogirl and other magazines around the world. Debbie was a guest on the DIY Network’s Craft Lab and is the author of the book “Soapylove: Squeaky Clean Projects Using Melt and Pour Soap.” She is also a mother of 2 and lives with her husband in San Diego. Learn beginning to advanced melt & pour soap techniques with Soapylove eZines & Class Handouts from Debbie.


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