Soapylove eZine: Issue 6


by Debbie Chialtas

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Special All Natural Issue! Included Inside:

    • Luxury Soap Bases
    • Butterfly Soap Tutorials with Template
    • Bright Herbal Colorants
    • Using Dissolving Paper
    • Suspending Exfoliants
    • Beautiful Clay Colors
    • Budding Leaves Tutorial
    • Complete Resource Directory

When Debbie was in college she lived just 2 hours away from her boyfriend, Jim (now husband) who went to UC Santa Cruz. This wonderful town on the north point of Monterey Bay is famous for its “granola” attitude and style. Debbie would visit every weekend. After she graduated, she moved there while Jim studied acupuncture. The town’s influence on lifestyle choices was unavoidable. They rode our bikes everywhere, enjoyed the wonderful farmer’s markets, had a bountiful garden and went for walks in the redwood forests often. This exposure to life focusing on nature, conservation, and daily physical activity gave Debbie a great appreciation for “alternative” choices. Choosing things in life that make for a healthier body
and planet are both rewarding and good for the soul.

This issue of Let’s Get Soapy focuses on natural ingredients we can use to add beauty and function to our creations. Enjoy!

Summary of what’s in this Digital eZine:

  • Cover Sheet/Page 1: Image of Butterfly Soap & list of main articles
  • Page 2: Introduction to the eZine
  • Page 3: Table of Contents
  • Page 4: Discussion of Naturally Derived Colors from New Directions Aromatics
  • Page 5: Butterfly Soaps Tutorial introduction with image of final product
  • Page 6: Tips on using dissolving paper, supplies for Butterfly Soaps, directions and images of process
  • Page 7: Two alternative versions of Butterfly Soaps
  • Page 8: Tips on making additives suspend in Melt & Pour soap
  • Page 9: Eleven images of exfoliating soaps with links to the creators
  • Page 10: Discussion of using Cosmetic Clays as colors in Melt & Pour soap
  • Page 11: Additional information, tips, and images for using cosmetic clays in M&P soap
  • Page 12: The low-down on specialty soap bases and how to choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Page 13: Budding Leaves Loaf Soap description, image, and list of supplies
  • Page 14: Budding Leaves Loaf Soap image step-by-step
  • Page 15: Budding Leaves Loaf Soap directions step-by-step
  • Page 16: Technically Speaking…About Soap Base & Pigments (a introduction to the term “natural”)
  • Page 17: Soapylove Workshop Schedule
  • Page 18: More Soapylove Publications
  • Page 19: Supply Source Directory
  • Page 20: Supply Source Directory, Continued

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debbie headshot croppedDebbie Chialtas is a self taught melt & pour soap artist who has been feverishly making soaps since 2005. Her business, SoapyLove, is famous for its unique Soapy Pops which have appeared in Glamour, People, Cosmogirl and other magazines around the world. Debbie was a guest on the DIY Network’s Craft Lab and is the author of the book “Soapylove: Squeaky Clean Projects Using Melt and Pour Soap.” She is also a mother of 2 and lives with her husband in San Diego. Learn beginning to advanced melt & pour soap techniques with Soapylove eZines & Class Handouts from Debbie.


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