NEW: Making Balms & Salves Recorded Study Session (with Handouts)


with Alice Duvernell

This Resource Includes:
2.5 hour Recorded Study Session & Q+A (time-stamped TOC below) AND
Alice’s detailed 23-page Class Handouts (page-by-page in tab below)

Learn about Making Balms & Salves, from the comfort of your own home, with the one & only Alice Duvernell. We’re offering a new & exciting way to learn from Alice – with a 2.5 hour Recorded Study Session, that also comes with her detailed 23-page Class Handouts (find the page-by-page in the tab below).  It’s the best way we know how to teach you the art of crafting Balms & Salves. You’ll receive instant access to both the video & the handouts upon purchase.

Balms & Salves have been used since the beginning of time, are very concentrated and renowned for their restorative properties. They are incredibly regenerating to the skin. Making your own Balms & Salves is very satisfying. Since they are not water-based products, they have the added benefit of not requiring any chemical preservatives (so they can be made with 100% natural ingredients). For this reason, they are also a logical starting place for cosmetic crafters.

With Alice, you’ll discover the different ingredients that can be used to create a variety of soothing Balms & Salves. Because the key ingredients in balm crafting are carrier oils, her handouts include a detailed list so you can learn more about each one. There are also several pages covering essential oils and their properties. Once you know the properties of your carrier oils, essential oils, and the required amount of wax to use, the possibilities are endless!

Four tried & true recipes are included & discussed in ALice’s handout ~ all with detailed instructions. The first is a Basic Body Balm, that serves as a great introduction to making balms. It’s comprised of multiple carrier oils, beeswax, antioxidants, and essential oils. The second is a Respiratory Salve that contains nine powerful essential oils, blended into a base of wax & carrier oil. The third is also a Salve, but with the addition of an herbal tincture. The fourth (BONUS RECIPE) is a Zinc Ointment that can be used by adults & is also safe to use on infants.

This Recorded Study Session covers the following:

  • Welcome & Introduction to Alice & Balms and Salves (00:00-1:40)
  • What is a balm, what is a salve? (1:40-7:50)
  • Do the animal lards go rancid faster? (7:50-8:34)
  • About Beeswax (8:34-10:40)
  • Is it normal for local beewax to smell a bit like wine (sweet & floral and a little fermented)? (10:40-11:30)
  • Info on Beeswax & Candelilla (11:30-14:10)
  • Is candelilla a natural wax? (14:10-14:41)
  • Carnauba wax, Emulsifying Wax (14:41-20:15)
  • Is it the non-GMO e-wax comparable to the waxes made with olive (like Olive EM) (20:15-21:10)
  • Cetyl alcohol & other waxes (21:10-23:52)
  • Equipment & Supplies needed for making balms & salves (23:52-32:30)
  • Making your first balm (32:30-40:45)
  • Are the infused oils edible? (40:45-41:20)
  • I’m assuming any carrier oils can be made into infusions? (41:20-45:18)
  • Does the heat damage the botanicals? (45:18-46:45)
  • What about enflourage? (46:45-47:08)
  • Body Balm recipe – all about the ingredients & percentages (47:08-54:15)
  • Walk through the “Making Your First Balm” instructions (54:15-1:05:03)
  • Is this a soft balm, or could it work as a chap stick in a tube? (1:05:03-1:05:40)
  • Making hot products and dealing with condensation (1:05:40-1:07:12)
  • Conversion table, why you need it & cautions (1:07:12-1:09:10)
  • Zinc Ointment – measuring the ingredients & putting them on the heat (1:09:10-1:30:36)
  • Are you using a straight chamomile, or is it a dilution? (1:30:36-1:31:01)
  • Is it German or Roman chamomile? (1:31:01-1:31:29)
  • Measuring and adding the zinc, rose botanical extract, and other ingredients (1:31:29-1:34:20)
  • Making a soothing salve walk through (1:34:20-1:49:42)
  • Does adding the tincture make it more soft? (1:49:42-1:50:25)
  • Can the Soothing Salve be used on baby bottoms? (1:50:25-1:52:52)
  • All about Tiger Balms (1:52:52-1:54:44)
  • Mixing the Zinc Balm oils, botanicals, and waxes together & pouring into the jars (1:54:44-2:07:30)
  • Do you ever use a funnel? (2:07:30-2:07:46)
  • Can you reheat it if it hardens up while pouring? (2:07:46-2:08:36)
  • The zinc never settles? (2:08:36-2:09:24)
  • What is the consistency of the zinc balm once it hardens? And how do you use it? (2:09:24-2:12:25)
  • Do the carrier oils provide any SPF? (2:12:25-2:12:40)
  • Cleaning up the jars & capping them to cool (2:12:40-2:15:25)
  • Showing off a finished & cooled sample for texture & consistency (2:15:25-2:17:13)
  • Could you add cocoa powder to make the zinc salve less white? (2:17:13-2:18:31)
  • Is it safe to use on the face or children? (2:18:31-2:19:33)
  • Will thinner oils hold the zinc as well as thick oils like Olive? (2:19:33-2:20:20)
  • Final review of topics in Class Handouts (2:20:20-2:26:02)
  • Goodbye & thanks (2:26:02-2:28:05)

*Note – the above time stamp/table of contents looks a little different than usual because Alice took the time to answer questions during the session, as they came up!

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Alice headshotAlice Duvernell is an artist & gilder who moved to the Bay Area after living in the south of France for 8 years. There she started researching problematic & sensitive skin types & developed an interest in the amazing virtues of essential oils & hydrosols. Her interest in culture & her studies in anthropology led her to travel in South America where she expanded her passion & awareness in native medicinal plants. During her last journey to Brazil, she set up a laboratory where she shared with the locals her homemade techniques for making hydrosols & other cosmetics, using only native plants. Learn how to create herbal & facial products from Alice.

  • Page 1: Cover / Title Page
  • Page 2: Intro: What is a balm, salve, ointment, etc.
  • Page 3: Waxes (note: Alice’s recipes all contain Beeswax, but other waxes are discussed on this page)
  • Page 4: Equipment & Supplies (for all recipes, salve, zinc balm)
  • Page 5: Making Your First Balm – Alice’s Body Balm Recipe, Ingredients & Percentages (in ounces & grams)
  • Page 6: Alice’s Making Your “First Balm” Instructions (Steps 1-13)
  • Page 7: Alice’s “First Balm” Instructions (Steps 14-17), Additional Notes, & Measurement Conversions
  • Page 8: Blank Recipe Worksheet (for you to photocopy for GMP)
  • Page 9: Making a Salve – Alice’s Recipe for a Respiratory Salve, Ingredients & Percentages (in ounces & grams)
  • Page 10: Alice’s Making Salves Instructions, Steps 1-12
  • Page 11: Additional Salve Misc: Usage Info, Warnings, & Using Herbal Tinctures – (recipe table w/percentages, ounces, & grams)
  • Page 12: Key Essential Oils in Alice’s Salve
  • Page 13: Tiger Balm Breakdown (for study purposes only)
  • Page 14: Making a Zinc Ointment – Alice’s Recipe, Ingredients & Percentages (in ounces & grams), and Instructions (Steps 1-4)
  • Page 15: Alice’s Making Zinc Ointment Instructions (Steps 5-17)
  • Page 16: Carrier Oils for Babies (discussing 7 types w/properties)
  • Page 17: Properties of Essential Oils for Babies (5 types w/properties)
  • Pages 18-20: Useful Carrier Oils for Making All Types of Balms – Alphabetical list, 25 types, with details/properties of each one, from Apricot Kernel Oil to Wheat Germ Oil.
  • Page 21: Other Essential Oils that haven’t been discussed yet (9 types, with properties & info)
  • Pages 22-23: Alice’s Recommended Supplier List: Where Alice buys her supplies. Herb & Raw Material Suppliers (5 online & 3 local to the Bay Area), 4 Online Container Suppliers.

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