Video eClass: Making Natural Perfumes


with Lori Nova Endres

This recorded video comes with detailed & thorough Class Handouts

Perfume making is my second favorite handmade product (second only to Cold Process Soapmaking). The knowledge I’ve gained through making perfumes has improved the complexity and longevity of the scent blends in my soap and other natural bath & body products like scrubs, body butters, and more. I am thrilled to be sharing my knowledge and passion for this fun topic with you! Once you discover how easy it is to create your own personalized blends & natural scents, I’ll bet you’ll never want to buy synthetic fragrances again.

Many people don’t have the luxury of being able to take a local perfume making workshop like we used to teach at The Nova Studio. Even though a big part of perfume making is getting familiar with the scent of the essences, you can still learn *A LOT* about making perfumes, scent blending, and essential oils online – from the comfort of your own home or office. I’ll give you my recommendations for where to buy essences online, and you can set up “smelling stations” in your home with my simple instructions.

Purchasing this recorded Video eClass INCLUDES my thorough 13-page Making All-Natural Perfumes Class Handout. This printable PDF handout offers detailed information about how you can use pure essential oils & absolutes to create 3 different forms of all-natural fragrances:

  • Spray Perfumes: Most commercial spray perfumes use alcohol as a base to carry the perfume and then evaporate, leaving only the scent behind. You can easily make alcohol-based spray perfumes, similar to what you find in a department store, but better – because it won’t contain any of the chemical ingredients.
  • Roll-on Perfume: Oil-based scents in a handy roller-ball applicator are very easy to make and wear. Roll-on bottles are great – not only are they compact for stashing in your bag or luggage – but they allow you to apply perfume without having to touch it with your fingers. These are my favorite choice for perfume lovers of all ages.
  • Solid Scents: Solid perfumes (aka cream perfumes) are made from a combination of wax, carrier oils, and aromatic oils. They can also be moisturizing and softening to the skin. Solid perfumes are also discreet as they scent only you and not the entire room!

Using a combination of this Video eClass and my Perfumes Class Handouts, you will gain confidence when working with essential oils so you can create amazing aromas that you can use to scent all your handmade products, naturally. Making scent blends and 100% natural perfumes for yourself, family and loved ones is so fun & rewarding (and they make excellent holiday gifts as well).

In the span of two and a half hours, I cover as much as I can about essential oil blending and making natural perfumes. Take a look at the breakdown of topics below. I go above & beyond what I’ve covered in the handouts. You’ll learn not only what you need to get started and my recommended suppliers, but also how to use dilutions to save money (instead of buying pure absolutes), using tester strips to test blends, specific gravity & scaling up, phototoxicity & much more.

Note: Purchasing this 2-1/2-hour recorded online Video eClass also INCLUDES my updated Making All-Natural Perfumes Class Handout via PDF (a $39 value) which contains sample scent blends, step-by-step instructions, and a blank worksheet for you to use to keep track of all your custom perfumes. After buying, you’ll have unlimited access to the recording (video & audio), so you can watch it as many times as you want, at your leisure (no expiration date). Using the time stamped info below, you can easily refer back to the specific topic you want a refresher on.

This recorded Video eClass covers the following:

  • Preview (0:00-2:35)
  • Introduction (2:35-4:43)
  • Benefits to Making Perfumes & Colognes (4:43-8:05)
  • What’s Your Goal? (8:05-11:53)
  • Terminology (11:53-20:03)
  • Equipment & Supplies (20:03-29:20)
  • Safety Precautions (29:20-32:27)
  • “The” Book on EO Safety (32:27-33:44)
  • IFRA (33:44-37:00)
  • Recommended Books (37:00-38:53)
  • Aftel’s Natural Perfume Wheel (38:53-40:41)
  • Perfume Making Basics (40:41-46:23)
  • Top (Head) Notes (46:23-49:12)
  • Middle (Heart) Notes (49:12-54:30)
  • Base (Bottom) Notes (54:30-55:54)
  • Concentration (55:54-1:03:40)
  • Blending 101 (1:03:40-1:15:06)
  • Sniffing Stations (1:15:06-1:18:26)
  • Use Tester Strips (1:18:26-1:19:10)
  • How to Smell (1:19:10-1:23:38)
  • Starter Top/Middle/Base Notes (1:23:38-1:29:47)
  • Odor Intensive Oils (1:29:47-1:32:06)
  • Suggested Blends (1:32:06-1:33:36)
  • Lori’s Perfume Blending Worksheet (1:33:36-1:43:56)
  • Oil Based Perfumes (1:43:56-1:44:34)
  • Alcohol Based Perfumes (1:44:34-1:45:56)
  • Solid Perfumes (1:45:56-1:57:47)
  • Getting EO Blends to Stay in Soap (1:57:47-2:02:01)
  • Scaling Up (2:02:01-2:10:31)
  • Specific Gravity (2:10:31-2:13:02)
  • Storage of Essences (2:13:02-2:17:00)
  • Beware of Imposters (2:17:00-2:19:50)
  • Phototoxicity (2:19:50-2:21:52)
  • How to Avoid Phototoxic Oils (2:21:52-2:25:35)
  • Olfactory Fatigue (2:25:35-2:28:14)
  • Thanks & Goodbye (2:28:14-2:29:02)

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lori headshot 2013Lori Nova Endres, Founder and Co-owner of The Nova Studio, began making natural bath & body products in her kitchen in 2000 as a way to make family & friends homemade, practical gifts. Shortly thereafter, she began sharing her passion by teaching classes. Lori has taught classes for The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG), The Learning Annex of SF, Juniper Tree, The Native American Cultural Center, Foothill De Anza Community College & The Berkeley Ecology Center. Lori started The Nova Studio in September of 2003 and held classes in Point Richmond, CA until 2015. Learn everything from beginning soap making to all natural perfumes, a variety of bath & body products, and even home cleaning products from Lori.


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