Holly’s “Fizz, Bubble, Soften, & Relax” Boot Camp

Taught by Holly Port

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We’re absolutely thrilled to be hosting guest teacher Holly Port, the bubbly author of “Make it Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats” at The Nova Studio. Together, we’ve created a very special Nova Studio exclusive Boot Camp – tailored for our customers! Perfect for anyone who wants to expand their product line beyond just soap, or move beyond the “crafter” level and learn to streamline production (she makes 2,000 bath bombs in a day with one meatballer!).

During the course of this bootcamp, Holly will teach you how to make (from start to finish) over 20 different bath, body & home products. She’ll also offer insider tips & numerous things she’s learned in the past 10 years, like how to make products in bulk and increase your profit margins by buying in bulk. She’ll share her favorite sources for ingredients & packaging supplies too.

Here’s a are the topics & products Holly will cover. For more details & full descriptions, please click on the Day 1, 2, 3 & 4 tabs in pink at the bottom.

Day 1: Thursday, 7/23/15, 9am – 5pm (lunch from 1 – 2pm)
Make It Fizz: Awesome Effervescents
~Bath Fizzies
~Tub Truffles
~Shower Steamers/Sinus Tabs
~Fizzy Pops
~Embedded Surprise Fizzy Bombs

Day 2: Friday, 7/24/15, 9am – 5pm (lunch from 1 – 2pm)
In A Lather: Foaming & Bubbling Bath Products
~Bubble Bars
~Bubble Dough
~Melt & Pour Soap Cupcakes with Whipped “Frosting”
~Foaming Bath Whip/Shaving Cream
~Bath Meringues

Day 3: Saturday, 7/25/15, 9am – 5pm (lunch from 1 – 2pm)
Skin Softening Shower Scrubs & Tub Treats
~Emulsified Sugar Scrubs
~Dry Salt Scrubs
~Herbal Soaks/Tub Teas
~Milk Baths
~Bath Melts

Day 4: Sunday, 7/26/15, 9am – 5pm (lunch from 1 – 2pm)
Relax at Home: Home Aromas, Candles, & Massage Products
~Soy Candles
~Wax Melts/Tarts
~Room Spritzers
~Massage Candles
~Massage Oils
~Massage Bars

You’ll go home with:
Day 1: 10 Bath Fizzies, 8 Bath Truffles, 5 Shower Steamers, 5 Fizzy Pops, and 5 Embedded Surprise Bombs (33 products)
Day 2: 4 Bubble Bars, 4 Containers of Bubble Dough, 3 Soap Cupcakes, 1 Foaming Bath Whip, 1 Shaving Cream, and 12 Bath Meringues (25 products)
Day 3: 4 Emulsified Sugar Scrubs, 4 Dry Salt Scrubs, 5 Herbal Bath Soaks, 3 Milk Baths, and 6 Bath Melts (22 products)
Day 4: 4 Soy Container Candles, 12 petite Soy Wax Melts, 3 Room Spritzers, 2 Massage Candles, 3 Massage Oils, and 4 Massage Bars (28 products)

That’s over 100 products total that you’ll get to take home, test & pamper yourself with! Plus, get handouts for each session which include recipes for all of the products made in class, & tons of inspiration. If you don’t already own Holly’s “Make it Fizz” book, we’ll have it available for sale at the Studio.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from an accomplished author, product maker, and successful bath & body business owner. Our intensive boot camps are ideal for out-of-towners, or those who are “local” but prefer to take many classes in a short period of time.

This unique workshop is limited to 15 students. To reserve your spot, pay in full now, or pay half now and the remaining half by July 9. Don’t wait until it’s too late and this one-of-a-kind boot camp is sold out… secure your spot today!

Please Note: A materials fee of $150 will be collected at the beginning of class.

Read full class descriptions & see more below…

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Day 1, THURSDAY, 7/23/15
Make It Fizz: Awesome Effervescents

On day 1 of this awesome Boot Camp is our “Make it Fizz” day where the author of THE book on fizzy bath products will teach YOU all her secrets to making things FIZZ: Bath Fizzies, Tub Truffles, Shower Steamers/Sinus Tabs, Fizzy Pops, & Color Surprise Bombs… oh my! We can guarantee that when you’re done with this class, the most difficult thing will be deciding which awesome fizzy bath product to try first. You will take home at least 33 different products, read on for details.

Bath Fizzies: In case you didn’t already know… a Bath Fizzy (or Fizzy Bath Bomb) is a little ball of effervescent goodness that you drop into your bathtub right after you get in. It fizzes, like an Alka Seltzer, releasing skin-softening emollients into your tub. In this intense hands-on class, Holly will walk you through step-by-step how to make the perfect bath bomb. You’ll learn how to formulate your own recipe, using yummy nut & seed butters and skin-nourishing oils. We’ll cover fragrance oils and the benefits of essential oils, colors (both natural and skin-safe liquid & powdered dyes), plus alternative ingredients that you can add to make them more luxurious. After taking this class, you will have bath bombs down pat. Take home 10 bath fizzies.

Tub Truffles: Next we will learn how to make bathtub truffles. What is a bath truffle? It is a bath fizzy that we will dress up to look like a scrumptious bath treat. We’ll experiment with both natural alternatives and fun eye-candy ones. These are similar to a Bath Melt, but they also fizz, and melt skin-softening butters right into you bath. You will not need lotion after this bath treat! Take home 8 bath truffles.

Shower Steamers: Shower steamers. or as some call them “Sinus Tablets” are a slow-fizzing puck that’s placed on the shower floor at the start of your shower. When hot water hits it, it will help open your sinuses with energizing aromas of peppermint, menthol, & eucalyptus. You’ll learn about menthol crystals, essential oils and fragrance oils, and understand how to choose the right ingredients to help make them last. Take home 5 shower steamers.

Fizzy Pops: Are you a sucker for fizzy bath products? Holly will teach you how to make just that… a fizzing sucker for the bath! They look good enough to eat (but trust us, you don’t want to do that). These are great for birthdays, baby showers or any party occasion you have coming up. They definitely make people stop & take a second look at your booth or farm stand. You’ll learn how make and embellish them, using fun decorations. Take home 5 fizzy pops.

Embedded Surprise Bombs: In the final portion of this fizz-tacular class, you’ll learn how to make a really popular surprise bomb that has a changing color bomb inside (say what?!?). That’s right… Holly will show you how to make Mini Color Tabs to put inside your bath fizzies. When they are placed in water, they’ll fizz… and when it gets to the center it will spit out delightful colors. You’ll also learn what other fun things you can add to make them extra special for kids of all ages. Take home 5 embed surprise fizzies.


Day 2, FRIDAY, 7/24/15
In A Lather: Foaming & Bubbling Bath Products

In day 2 of this fun & colorful workshop, learn how to make all things Bubbly: Bubble Bars, Bubble Dough, Soap Cupcakes with fluffy frosting, Shaving Cream & Bath Meringues (using Foaming Bath Whip). This is a completely hands-on class, where you’ll learn step by step how to make each of the products. Holly will also cover using essential oils and fragrance oils, and colorants (natural and synthetic skin-safe liquid & powdered colors). You’ll be ready to relax at the end of this jam-packed day with a luxurious bubble bath! Take home at least 25 products and a few other neat recipes to try on your own at home. Are you all in a lather yet?

Bubble Bars are a solid, frothy bubbly replacement for bubble bath. Most traditional liquid bubble baths use SLS which is an irritating detergent & surfactant, but in our bubble bars we’ll use SLSA, a milder plant-derived alternative. Each bubble bar can be used for 2-3 baths, making these a great value for your customers. To use, simply break of a piece and place under running warm water and they will make big luscious bubbles. Take home half a log, that when cut makes 3-4 bubble bars (these retail for $6-$8 a slice)!

Bubble Dough is a fun bath treat for kids to play with, like a type of play dough for the tub. Unlike bubble bars this product stays soft, but still produces big fun bubbles that will surely please “kids” of all ages. You will leave with several colors of this cool bubbly dough. Take home four 3-oz containers (different colors) of bubble dough.

Soapy Cupcakes are a calorie free bath treat! They look so cute, you might want to take a bite (but please don’t)! Holly will teach you how to make this “Melt & Pour Soap” cupcake with a whipped topping (made using Foaming Bath Whip) that will firm up to the touch, making these a great product you can make and sell within a few days. While cupcakes have been popular for a while (because who doesn’t love cupcakes?!) it seems like the trend for culinary-inspired bath & body products is here to stay. Take home three beautiful soap cupcakes.

Foaming Bath Whip is a pre-made base product that you purchase & can customize in any number of ways. When you add recommended ingredients, it turns into a smooth foaming cream with a really nice consistency. In class, we will transform not only the “frosting” for our soap cupcakes, but will also make a Foaming Shaving Cream, Bath Meringues and additional recipes for you to make at home. Take home two 8-oz containers, one bath whip & one shaving cream.

Bath Meringues are small whipped “meringues” that are piped out of a bag onto parchment paper that harden up so you can use them as a travel soap, shaving cream, or for a fragrant bath. Holly will show you how to take the left over bath whip from the other projects and turn it into these pretty little gems. Take home at least a dozen of these sweet bath treats.


Day 3, SATURDAY, 7/25/15
Skin Softening Shower Scrubs & Tub Treats

On day 3, you’ll learn how to make five awesome “non-fizzy” products for the shower and the bath that all have skin-softening effects on your skin. First, discover a few unique ways to make salt & sugar body scrubs (these are not your typical sugar/salt in oil recipes). You’ll learn about emulsifiers, different exfoliants, and oils/butters that can added to create products for people with sensitive skin, all the way to those who want a serious exfoliant to scrub all their dead skin away. Holly will be demonstrating the emulsified sugar scrubs, and you will be custom-blending your own dry salt scrubs. The second part of the class is completely hands-on… where you’ll make your herbal soaks, creamy milk baths & bath melts. And… you will learn to formulate your own recipes so that when you go home, you will have already created custom products. Holly will offer both essential oils and fragrance oils for use. WOW this will be a fun-filled day! Read more about each topic below & check out the bathroom bootie you’ll get to take home (over 22 different products).

Emulsified Sugar Scrubs are sugar scrubs that have emulsifying waxes and vegetable/nut butters & oils. With the right formulation, you end up with a thick consistency that is not oils and won’t leak in your containers! Varying the amount and type of exfoliant will change the texture from a light & scrubby one all the way to a seriously abrasive one for mechanic’s or gardener’s hands. Holly will demo this product, since it needs to be made in batches. Take home four, 4-oz. jars of emulsified sugar scrub.

Dry Salt Scrubs are a new & fun twist on traditional oil-based salt scrubs. In this highly caffeinated body scrub recipe, we’ll be making a “dry” scrub with salts and yep you guessed it…Coffee! Many of us love coffee, so why not shower (and exfoliate) with it too! Coffee is very popular in skin care products, and it will smell like we are in a coffee café. We’ll be grinding our own beans and using them in class. Take home four, 4-oz jars of caffeinated dry body scrub.

Herbal Soaks are a wonderful way to relax in the tub… like a tea for your bath (aka Tub Tea). You’ll custom blend your own herbs, and learn about the benefits of soaking for muscle relief and for stress. Discover three ways to make them, with tested recipes included. Take home five large tea bags (5” x 3.75”) of lovely herbal bath soaks.

Milk Baths are another skin-soothing luxury that can take you far far away …. In class, you’ll make creamy milk baths that are super moisturizing and great for sensitive skin types. Also, learn how to incorporate additional natural additives & essential oils too. As an extra bonus, you’ll be making a foaming type of milk bath as well. Take home three, 7-oz cartons of milk baths, with a bag & a little scoop.

Bath Melts are like little cubes of butter melted into your bath for a super skin-softening effect. Holly will show you how to make them using only the best butters and oils to leave your skin feeling wonderful. Learn to make, mold, scent & package them. Choose essential oils to add aromatherapy value for a truly relaxing bath. Take home six bath melts in a handy container.


Day 4, SUNDAY, 7/26/15
Relax at Home: Home Aromas, Candles, & Massage Products

To finish the bootcamp on day 4, you’ll spend the day making 6 different products that can turn your house into a relaxing haven. You’ll start with products that make your home smell amazing: Soy Candles, Wax Melts, and Room Spritzers. Learn about both essential oils and fragrance oils for the home. Holly will also give you a few extra recipes to spruce up your home naturally. You’ll finish the day making products to relax yourself: Massage Candles, Relaxing Massage Oils and Massage Bars (using only the best oils for your skin). Each of you will take home over 28 different products. After this full day of learning, experimenting, & making, your home will never be the same… and neither will you!

Soy Candles are a wonderful alternative to petroleum-based traditional candles. They’re made with a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans, that has a lower melting temperature & is easy to work with. We’ll also be using cotton wicks. You’ll learn how to make them from start to finish, including discussions of burn times, and scent options (essential oils and fragrance oils). As a fun bonus project, you’ll also make solid & layered Soy Wax Melts or Tarts. Soy melts are cubes or shapes of soy wax that you place in a melting pot or wax burner, and are a flame-free alterative to candles. When the cubes melt, they fill your room with fragrant aromas. Take home four, 4-oz soy container candles AND 12 petite soy wax melts.

Room Spritzers or Air Fresheners are simple recipes that produce great results. You can make a room spray using using essential oils, fragrance oils or both and Holly will help you choose the perfect scent combination for your home or office. She’ll also show how you to keep the ingredients mixed using a liquid emulsifier (so you don’t have to constantly shake the bottle) and which preservative to use (since it’s a water-based product). Take home three 8-oz bottles with spray tops, each one, custom-scented by you!

Massage Candles are something that might sound a little crazy, if you’ve never heard of them before. They look like a candle, but they’re made for the purpose of massage. They’re made with a very low temperature (soy) wax and contain additional skin nourishing oils & butters. To use, light one for about 15 minutes, then you let it sit for 2 minutes. Then (are you ready for this?), you slowly pour the melted mixture into your hands and massage onto the skin. These are fun new products, popular for couples gifts, birthday and anniversaries. Take home two massage candles in 3-oz containers.

Massage Oil – everyone probably knows what massage oil is. But, did you also know that making your own natural massage oil is super easy and always better & more fresh than what you can buy in the store? Since we’re making all sorts of other massage products, we thought we would include a recipe for just the right combination of oils for a perfect massage. Learn about relaxing combinations of essential oils, and which carrier oils to choose & why. Take home three custom-scented adorable 2-oz bottles of aromatherapy massage oil.

Massage Bars are a unique twist on traditional massage oil. They are a solid at room temperature bar made of oils & nut butters that melt gently with your skins temperature. Holly will discuss how to make a smooth one and how to make one that has a bumpy texture to give a deeper massage. Take home four relaxing 3.7-oz massage bars.


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PortraitSunnyHolly Port owns Lotion Bar Cafe in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is a soap maker, teacher, & author of the book Make It Fizz: A Guide to Making Bathtub Treats. Since 2006, she’s been making scrumptious handcrafted soaps, bath fizzies, lip balms, and of course, lotion bars. Her bars are very personal & from the heart, just like her soaping motto: “Every Bar Has a Story.” A mother of two teenage boys (and married to her fizzy-making assistant for 21 years), Holly loves traveling, teaching classes across the country & sharing her passion. She sells at farmers’ markets, local craft shows, & numerous retail stores. She is certified in Cold Process Soap Making and a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild.

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