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Three Smiling Students at an In-Person Class with Alice Duvernell at The Nova StudioGlycerin Extract of Fennel Seeds & Licorice; Oil Infusion of Rose, Chamomile & Lavender - made by Alice DuvernellHerbs in Bowls: Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender, RosesAlice Devernell Holds a Bowl of LavenderLabeled Herbs and Botanicalsalice hydrosol eoChamomile and Lavender Hydrosol in Amber BottlesTwo Smiling Students at an In-Person Skin Conditions Class with Alice Duvernell at The Nova StudioStudents Make Clay Masks with Honey and HydrosolsFour Tester Hydrosols in Blue Glass Bottles: Orange Blossom, Rose, Lavender, & Rose GeraniumLavender Hydrosol in a Blue Glass Bottle by Alice Duvernellalice distillingAlice Duvernell Teaching an In-Person Distillation ClassAlice Duvernell with her Copper Still & TAAlice Duvernell's Copper StillRow of Essential Oil BottlesAlice FlowersAlice Duvernell with her Students of an In-Person Class at The Nova Studio

The Art of Distillation & Botanical Extracts


Taught by Alice Duvernell

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Alice has been creating herbal extracts and hydrosols for years, and in this informational 2-Day Boot Camp she’ll show you how. Not only will you learn to create oil infusions, she’ll also cover creating extracts in glycerin, high-quality tinctures in alcohol, and using water to distill plants using two different methods: the kitchen method, which requires very little equipment, and using a traditional still. Once you’ve learned how to create these healing ingredients, you can incorporate them into your balms, salves, lotions, creams, serums, and so much more, allowing you to layer the benefits of the herbs in as many ways as possible. These methods are applicable to every class Alice teaches – if you’re already one of her students, you’ll love these classes! You can also use these techniques to incorporate natural colorants into your soap making, or give your soap recipe a little extra added boost in the marketplace.

Day 1: SATURDAY, 8/8/15
9 am – 12:30 pm: Botanical Extracts ~ 3 Types: Oil, Glycerin & Alcohol
12:30 – 1:30 pm: Break for Lunch
1:30 – 5 pm: Handmade Hydrosols: The Kitchen Method

Day 2: SUNDAY, 8/9/15
10 am – 12:30 pm: Live Distillation & Aromatherapy Experience, Part I
12:30 – 1:30 pm: Break for Lunch
1:30 – 5 pm: Live Distillation & Aromatherapy Experience, Part II

You’ll take home helpful handouts, an 8 ounce oil extraction, an 8 ounce glycerin extraction, a 1 ounce herbal tincture, a 4-oz. spritzer bottle of freshly made hydrosol, a delightful clay mask (something hands-on for you to experience how hydrosols can be easily incorporated into your skin care routine), an 8 oz amber glass bottle of freshly made herbal & floral blended Hydrosol (plus an empty travel size 2-oz spritzer bottle), one Aromatherapy Inhaler, one Aromatherapy Roll-On, and one 4×6 Herbal Stress Pillow.

The Sunday session of this boot camp is NOT held at The Nova Studio.
It will be held outdoors, a 5 minute walk from the Studio.

Please Note: A materials fee of $72 will be collected at the beginning of class.

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In this demo & hands-on class you will be learning the fundamentals of herbal extractions in oil, alcohol & glycerin. These processes are very accessible and will give you the knowledge to work from scratch with the plants to a finished product.

Extracts are sold everywhere and are often highly priced: green tea extract (anti-oxidant, used in anti-wrinkle creams), calendula infused oil (soothing in massage bars or baby products), comfrey or lavender tinctures (excellent for problematic skin types).

We will discuss a range of cosmetic herbs and uses and how these basic products will enhance your beauty lines and insure quality to your customers. Alice will also discuss the ways high-quality extracts can be used in culinary applications. Come and enjoy the wonders of plant crafting at The Nova Studio!

Students will take home helpful handouts, an 8 ounce oil extraction, an 8 ounce glycerin extraction and a 1 ounce herbal tincture. Students who make other bath & body products will be able to take their botanical extracts home for use in their formulations. All products made in this class are 100% natural (they are free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives).


The word hydrosol comes from the Latin root “hydro” and “sol” which means “water solution.” When a plant is distilled to obtain an essential oil, many chemical compounds of the plant first build up in the water. A hydrosol is the distillate water that remains under the thin layer of essential oil after the steaming process. Hydrosols contain many of the same beneficial components of essential oils, but in a much more subtle, gentle way.

On their own, hydrosols make wonderful, all-natural facial toners & soothing skin spritzers, but they can be used in a number of other cosmetic formulations such as lotions, creams, soaps, facial masks, scrubs, etc. They are suitable for a wide range of skin types, particularly sensitive skin. For this reason, they are safe for use in baby and pet products (even okay to use on cats, which normally cannot metabolize any essential oils at all).

In this class, you will learn how you can make your very own hydrosol at home (without special distillation equipment) from scratch using readily available cooking tools. You will experience the marvelous aromas, as well as the soothing, moisturizing and cooling effects of hydrosols. The class will focus on 6 very beneficial hydrosols (Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Geranium & Rose), their properties, and their many uses in skin care. All of the plants used in the class are available locally, and you will develop an awareness of what can be easily grown in your own garden or purchased at convenient neighborhood resources.

Alice will cover the following as she demonstrates how to make a 20 oz. batch of hydrosol using her unique method:

  • Brief history and basic knowledge of hydrosols
  • Necessary materials, supplies and equipment to make your own from scratch at home
  • Six very beneficial hydrosols and their many uses in skin care
  • Recipes for facial toners, aromatherapy mists, masks, creams, baby care & more
  • In class creation (hands-on) of clay facial masks using hydrosols
  • Bottling freshly made hydrosols: hygienic awareness, giving products a longer shelf life

Students will take home handouts and the knowledge of how to make great hydrosols and hydrosol-based cosmetics from scratch as well as a 4-oz. spritzer bottle of freshly made hydrosol and a delightful clay mask (something hands-on for you to experience how hydrosols can be easily incorporated into your skin care routine). Due to the nature of making hydrosols from scratch (in batches), this class is mainly demonstration style with some hands-on elements. Note: This is NOT a class on how to make essential oils.


Have you ever dreamt of making your own essential oils and hydrosols? Have you ever wanted to understand how to use the natural gifts of your garden and your environment to create unique high quality cosmetic products? If so, this is the class for you!

In this unique full-day workshop, discover the wonderful world of hydro-distillation. You’ll learn the ABCs of the distillation process, such as how and when to pick the plants, how to sterilize equipment and containers, and how to set up the still and the cooling system.

You will assist in making a large batch (up to 3 gallons) of Hydrosol (aka Distillate Waters or Floral Waters) in an original Spanish traditional copper still. Alice’s 7-gallon copper still uses steam distillation and produces up to 3 gallons of hydrosol and up to 1 ounce of essential oil (depending on the plant chosen). You’ll also experience a water distillation, in a glass laboratory still which produces a smaller amount of more concentrated hydrosol and also some essential oil. In addition to these 2 unique distillations, students will also get to experience making several other fun & healing aromatherapy products.

While the hydrosols are distilling, students will make:

  • Aromatherapy Inhalers, an excellent and very compact way to use essential oils while not having to “wear” the oils on the body. These inhalers are made with 100% essential oils and can be formulated for colds and the respiratory system, mood swings, PMS, concentration or as anti-stress methods. To use, simply introduce the inhaler in the nostrils and take a deep breath to inhale the beautiful combination that you created.
  • Pulse Point Aromatherapy Roll-Ons, small portable glass bottles filled with a carrier oil and essential oils. They are used for different purposes, depending on which essential oils are included. For instance, you could make one for headaches to be rubbed on your temples or at the nape of your neck. It’s a nice way to get a little shot of essential oils to improve your mood or some minor symptoms. You’ll learn the best way to use them and the specific pressure points that each product serves. In class, you’ll choose/design a recipe that’s most appropriate for your needs.
  • An Herbal Stress Pillow, a small (4×6) “pillow” made with whole organic herbs. This traditional object was used for centuries to sooth children and to help you sleep with the soothing scent of herbs. The convenient size chosen for the workshop will allow you to carry them wherever you want and use them for different purposes such as sleep, traveling, as a car scent or at work. You can use it by inhaling deeply the pillow or simply as a decoration in a place of choice.

Students will take home an informative handout on hydro-distillation and the uses of hydrosols and EO’s, along with the fruits of their labor: an 8 oz amber glass bottle of freshly made herbal & floral blended Hydrosol (plus an empty travel size 2-oz spritzer bottle), one Aromatherapy Inhaler, one Aromatherapy Roll-On, and one 4×6 Herbal Stress Pillow.


If you are coming from out of town, contact us BEFORE making any non-refundable travel arrangements so we can verify the class has met the minimum and is definitely a go.

All payments are non-refundable, but we do offer partial class credit depending on how much advance notice you give us. If you cannot attend a class, you can always send someone in your place. Alternatively, you can receive partial credit as described below. Note: We do not offer refunds, only future class credits.

At Least 60 Days’ Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 60 days’ notice, you will be able to transfer 75% of your class fee to any future class.

At Least 30 Days’ Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 30 days’ notice (but less than 60 days before the class) you will be able to transfer 50% of your class fee to any future class.

At Least 7 Days’ Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 7 days’ notice (but less than 30 days before the class) you will be able to transfer 25% of your class fee to any future class.

Less than 7 Days’ Notice: If you give us less than 7 days’ notice that you cannot attend a class, you forfeit your class fee. We are happy to send the class handouts to you. Simply email us a request.

If We Have to Cancel: With boot camps & out of town teacher’s classes, if the agreed upon minimum is not met, the teacher has the right to cancel his/her class. This is usually decided upon more than 30 days prior to the class. In the unfortunate event that a class must be cancelled, you will be contacted using the phone number and/or e-mail address that you gave when signing up. You will have a choice of a full refund or a credit for any future class.


Alice headshotAlice Duvernell is an artist & gilder who moved to the Bay Area after living in the south of France for 8 years. There she started researching problematic & sensitive skin types & developed an interest in the amazing virtues of essential oils & hydrosols. Her interest in culture & her studies in anthropology led her to travel in South America where she expanded her passion & awareness in native medicinal plants. During her last journey to Brazil, she set up a laboratory where she shared with the locals her homemade techniques for making hydrosols & other cosmetics, using only native plants. Learn how to create herbal & facial products form Alice.

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