Class Handout: SoapyLove Sweet M&P Soap Projects


by Debbie Chialtas

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Everyone loves sweets, but the unhealthy sugar & fat is much harder to stomach! Instead, learn how to make these four sweets-inspired Melt & Pour soap projects that you can enjoy without the guilt & fat.

Follow the clear instructions to make:

  • Marshmallow Soaps
  • S’mores Soaps
  • Soap Cupcakes with whipped Soap Frosting
  • Soap Sprinkles

Summary of what’s in this Digital Class Handout:

  • Page 1: Cover Sheet – with pictures of the final products
  • Page 2: Project #1: S’more Soaps – a step-by-step tutorial on making your own custom graham craker mold.
  • Page 3: Project #1 Continued: Making your Graham Craker Soaps, Soap Chocolate & Soap Marshmallow centers
  • Page 4: Project #2: Cupcakes with Sweet Whipped Soap Frosting – a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, list of necessary supplies, & a picture of the final product.
  • Page 5: Project #3: Soap Sprinkles – a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, list of necessary supplies, & a picture of the final product.
  • Page 6: Project #4: Soap Marshmallows – three different techniques to try using the marshmallow technique to achieve different textures & effects.
  • Page 7: Debbie’s Project Resources – a list of each project & where to find the supplies you need, including websites.

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debbie headshot croppedDebbie Chialtas is a self taught melt & pour soap artist who has been feverishly making soaps since 2005. Her business, SoapyLove, is famous for its unique Soapy Pops which have appeared in Glamour, People, Cosmogirl and other magazines around the world. Debbie was a guest on the DIY Network’s Craft Lab and is the author of the book “Soapylove: Squeaky Clean Projects Using Melt and Pour Soap.” She is also a mother of 2 and lives with her husband in San Diego. Learn beginning to advanced melt & pour soap techniques with Soapylove eZines & Class Handouts from Debbie.


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