Class Handout: Hot Process Crockpot Soap Making


by Lori Nova Endres

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Love handmade soap but tired of waiting 4-6 weeks to use your cold process soap? Or, perhaps you never really got into CP soapmaking due to the long curing time? What’s a soapmaker to do? The Answer: Hot Process!

Hot Process (HP) is another method of making soap completely from scratch. It differs from the more common Cold Process (CP) method in that heat is applied to complete the saponification process before the soap goes into the mold. The result is a great bar of soap, similar to what you get with the CP method, with one HUGE BENEFIT; the soap is technically ready to use immediately (although it’s a good idea to allow a few weeks for the soap to firm up). For those of you who plan on selling your soap, a reduced curing time means that you can fill custom orders in half the time (and HP soap uses less scent so that will save money). Saving time AND money… what could be better?

This class handout focuses on the Crock Pot Method of Hot Process soapmaking. A Crock Pot is the most popular name brand for a Slow Cooker, and of course any brand can be used for HP Soap). You’ll learn everything there is to know about making HP Crock Pot soap, including what equipment & ingredients (oils, colors & scents) work best, what flash points are and why they are so important when hot processing soap. Check out a cool video on watching hot process soap on our blog!

This Class Handout assumes that you have either taken a Cold Process 101 Class or have experience making soap from scratch on your own. If you have never made soap from scratch before (cold process or hot process), you can learn from the comfort of your own home using Ruth’s CP 101 Soap Video eClass, which comes with Lori’s CP 101 Soap Class Handout.

NOTE: Hot Process is not the same thing as “Melt & Pour,” which is soap “crafting” (not soap “making”) using a pre-made soap base. If you are interested in Melt & Pour Soap Crafting, check out the amazing library of eZines & Class Handouts from Debbie of SoapyLove.

Summary of what’s in this Digital Class Handout:

  • Cover/Page 1: Picture of soap in a crock pot, picture of finished HP oatmeal soap, Suggested Reading & References (books & websites) relevant to HP soapmaking.
  • Page 2: Introduction to HP Soap Making: (What Hot Process means, How it’s different from Cold Process, What are the benefits, abbreviations of common types of soapmaking, etc.).
  • Page 3: HP Crock Pot Materials, Equipment & Supplies (before you begin…, materials & equipment checklist, ingredient checklist).
  • Page 4: Three different “tested” HP Crock Pot Soap Recipes.
  • Page 5: Majestic Mountain Sage lye calculator print out of my current HP recipe (with percentages, lye table, etc.).
  • Page 6: Blank HP Crock Pot Soap Worksheet (for photocopying to use with any recipe when making HP soap).
  • Page 7: Lori’s Recipe for HP Crock Pot Soap Worksheet with all values (for my recipe) filled in.
  • Page 8 & 9: Lori’s NEW Instructions for Making HP Crock Pot Soap.
  • Page 10: HP Crock Pot Soapmaking Oils & Fats (glossary page with 7 common oils that I use for HP soapmaking).
  • Page 11: Coloring HP Crock Pot Soap (discusses the different color options – like clays, dyes, herbs/spices, oxides & ultramarines – and how they work or don’t work in HP soap.
  • Page 12: Using Additives in HP Crock Pot Soap (notes & tips for when/how to add additives to soap along with 3 tested scent/additive suggestions: Lemongrass Coconut, Brown Sugar & Oatmeal, and Mango Poppyseed).
  • Page 13: Scenting HP Crock Pot Soap (covers essential oils, fragrance oils, how much scent to use, what is seizing, flash points and how important they are in HP crock pot soaping).
  • Page 14: My Recommended On-Line Suppliers (10) relevant to the products made in this class. Supplier name, state, phone number, website (with direct hyperlink in the .pdf document) and in many cases a special Nova Studio discount code is given.

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lori headshot 2013Lori Nova Endres, Founder and Co-owner of The Nova Studio, began making natural bath & body products in her kitchen in 2000 as a way to make family & friends homemade, practical gifts. Shortly thereafter, she began sharing her passion by teaching classes. Lori has taught classes for The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG), The Learning Annex of SF, Juniper Tree, The Native American Cultural Center, Foothill De Anza Community College & The Berkeley Ecology Center. Lori started The Nova Studio in September of 2003 and held classes in Point Richmond, CA until 2015. Learn everything from beginning soap making to all natural perfumes, a variety of bath & body products, and even home cleaning products from Lori.


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