eBook: Brand Magic – Branding Development & Mastery Workbook


by Kenna Cote

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Having trouble building a stable and loyal customer base? Can’t seem to get customers to pay the prices you know your products are worth? Think you have your branding wrapped up with a pretty logo? All the marketing in the world can’t save a soap business that doesn’t have a developed and mastered brand and it’s time you got on with it!

Brand Magic: Branding Development & Mastery Workbook is a self-study workbook that lays out bite-sized branding lessons to help you develop a full brand experience that gets customers coming back for more and paying the prices you need to sustain a healthy profit for success.

This handy dandy workbook focuses on taking true action to making more sense of your brand, and building a story that connects with your customers consistently, clearly, and easily. By building out your brand, you will easily stand out from the sea of handcrafters and start selling more products, without selling like a sleazy salesman.

Once you wrap up your own Brand Magic by completing each page of this workbook, you’ll have a handle on your brand from top to bottom. You’ll be able to make a connection with your customers, so they not only keep coming back for more but tell all their friends about your awesomesauce, too.

You’ll be able to nail the competition to the wall by selling something much better than “handmade soap” like every other soapmaker on the planet, plus you’ll be able to snag the profits you need to continue to grow and sustain your company for years to come.

This workbook is perfect for any soapmaker who feels like they just aren’t building the customer base their products and expertise deserve, whether that is the beginning soap business owner who hasn’t rocked out a logo yet, a young fledgling soap company owner who has started to dig into branding but doesn’t have a clue where to start, or the established soap biz owner who is reworking their brand to build a bigger, better, and stronger version of themselves.

What’s inside?

Brand Magic is a 45+ page workbook, crammed with easy to digest branding lessons that I’ve taught to hundreds of soapmakers in coaching sessions, classes, and workshops, including lessons about:

  • a new way to look at branding that won’t confuse the crap out of you
  • an easy way to evaluate how your brand is sitting pretty (or not…)
  • understanding the true power of the words you choose to talk about your company
  • building a brand personality that customers can relate and connect with
  • telling the true stories behind what makes you & your brand unique
  • identifying that special spark that makes your products a step above the rest
  • developing guiding values that make business decisions a no brainer
  • finding your target market without relying 100% on your imagination
  • crafting your brand beyond your logo, colors, and typography for a true experience
  • compiling your brand into a visual masterpiece to carry all your hardwork forward

Brand Magic is hugely focused on taking action, instead of reading a million pages of drivel, and includes tons of nifty worksheets (no joke – there’s 15 separate exercises to help you build your biz boosting brand!) and recommendations for designers, DIY resources, and further reading.

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kenna-modern-soapmakingKenna Cote created Modern Soapmaking in 2014, a proverbial online playground for soapmakers, after owning & operating 2 successful soap companies. With over 10 years of soapmaking experience, she passes on her knowledge through resources & eBooks. She continues to nurture soapmakers through mentorship programs & workshops, as well as publications. When “off” work, she indulges in photography, MMORPGs (video games!), & her amazingly supportive family (with 4 little ones). If you catch one of her YouTube soapmaking videos, you’ll see her in her element: working at 3 am with caffeine in hand, listening to her favorite electronic music. Learn a variety of soap making topics from Kenna.


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