Coloring Soap Naturally – eBook


by Ruth Esteves

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Want to use natural ingredients to color your cold process soap but don’t know where to start? Have you had disappointing results with some ingredients that turned out …well… not how you expected?

Coloring Soap Naturally takes the guesswork out of coloring your cold process soap with natural ingredients. Soapmaking teacher Ruth Esteves has gone through the “trial-and-error” part for you. And put together all the results in one downloadable eBook filled with information and photos!

You can have bright, beautiful soap colored naturally! Coloring Soap Naturally can show you how.

This 51-page Coloring Soap Naturally PDF digital book includes:

•Results of the 34 different natural ingredients that were tested (see “Ingredients Tested” photo for a complete list)
•Full-color photographs of all the results
•How the colorant looks when added at trace, in the lye and as an oil infusion (see photo of a sample page above)
•The difference in color between each soap when it went through a gel phase and when it didn’t
•Clear descriptions of all the procedures used to do the testing (so you can do it, too!)
•List of suppliers of all the ingredients used

Looking to do your own color testing? Download a copy of Ruth’s Colorant Testing Worksheet for free!

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What is covered in “Coloring Soap Naturally”?
Ruth tested 34 different ingredients that can be used to color cold process soap. They were added at trace, in the lye and as an oil infusion. Plus, some of the soap was allowed to go through a gel phase, and some was not. All of the results and photos of these tests are included in “Coloring Soap Naturally”. You’ll also find a list of the suppliers that were used for the colorants, and a chart of the colorants by color, so you can find the one you’re looking for quickly. In addition, Ruth describes how she tested everything, so that you can use the same procedures to test any other ingredient that might interest you. You can see the Table of Contents in a photo at the top of the page.

Which colorants do you consider “natural” and which did you test in your book?
In talking about soap and cosmetics, there is no official definition of “natural”. When deciding on which ingredients to test for my book, Ruth considered “natural” to be something that is minimally processed (like dried, cut, or ground) but not synthetic. So no pigments, micas or dyes. “Coloring Soap Naturally” is about only natural colorants: plants, herbs, clays, etc. You can see a list of the ingredients tested in a photo at the top of the page.

What kind of information do you give for each colorant?
Each of the 34 colorants has its own page that lists information about the ingredient, what source I used, how much was used in my tests, and photos of the results. You can see a sample page in a photo at the top of the page.


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Ruth headshot square versionRuth Esteves, Co-owner of The Nova Studio, started making handmade soap in 2006 as another in a long line of hobbies. Since then, she has gone from whipping up quick melt-and-pour soap gifts for her friends to designing and selling her own cold process soaps online through Sirona Springs. Trained as a laboratory research scientist, Ruth finds that soapmaking is the perfect blending of chemistry and art. Ruth is also a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG) and holds the HSCG Advanced Soapmaker certification. Learn beginning & advanced soap making topics from Ruth.


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