Class Handout: Big Batch Soap Making (Production Cold Process)


by David Critchfield

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So you’ve learned how to make Cold Process Soap from scratch, and you’re hooked! Now you’re on a mission to make as much soap as you possibly can, purchase ingredients in larger quantities, and increase profits by making more soap in a shorter period of time.

Instead of trying to figure it all out yourself, why not ask a veteran soapmaker, someone who’s been making extra-large batches of soap to sell for years. Professional soapmaker David Critchfield, owner of Mission Peak Soap, describes his process of mixing, pouring, and cutting a 35-pound batch of cold process (CP) soap. In the pages of these Class Handouts, he’ll share with you his inexpensive 5-gallon bucket method and cover the most efficient way to create production size batches of fabulous handmade soap. This is a wonderful opportunity to take your soap production/business to the next level.

With David’s proven method, you can learn to make 100+ bars of soap in one afternoon! This topic is a *must know* for anyone in the soap business for profit. David explains his budget method for making batches of 100 bars at a time, plus other expert tips & tricks.

This is an intermediate or advanced soap making topic. It assumes that the reader has either taken our Cold Process 101 Soap Class or has prior experience making soap from scratch. If you have never made soap from scratch using lye before (cold process or hot process), we suggest you first order Ruth’s Video eClass for Cold Process Soap Making 101, which includes the Class Handouts for CP 101.

Summary of what’s in this Digital Class Handout:

  • Cover Page: 3 photos of David & his big batch soap, links to Mission Peak Soap & The Nova Studio.
  • Page 1: Why Scale Up Your Soap Production? which includes the limits that constrain how big you can make your batches & “Imagine the Result” (a section discussing the importance of choosing your ideal bar size, what size mold you’ll need and how many bars it will produce – aka “designing your big batch system.”)
  • Page 2: “Imagine the Result” section continued & “Big Batch Molds” (how many molds do you want, considerations when choosing the mold material, and a pic of David’s preferred handmade budget molds).
  • Page 3: “Setting Up for Your Big Batch” (bulleted list of equipment needs, and David’s Procedure, Steps 1-6.
  • Page 4: “Setting Up for Your Big Batch” (procedure cont.) Steps 7-10.
  • Page 5: David’s Big Batch Recipe, with a breakdown of total weight of a typical batch (about 40 lbs) & total yield estimate of 100 bars, each weighing about 5.5-5.25 oz per bar.
  • Page 6: Mission Peak Soap’s Famous Recipe (small batch & large batch) for a good, inexpensive, starter soap that uses easy-to-find ingredients like Soybean Shortening, Coconut Oil, and Peanut/Olive/Corn or Canola.
  • Page 7: Example of Shea Butter Certificate of Analysis
  • Page 8: Fatty Acid Table (for reference)
  • Page 9: Saponificiation (SAP) Value Chart – Table of Typical SAP Values for Oils Used in Bar Soap made with Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Page 10: David’s Recommended Suppliers for base oils, drum heaters & storage tanks, melters/tanks, and essential oils.

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david critchfield teacher picDavid Critchfield, veteran Soapmaker & founder of Mission Peak Soap Products began soap making in 1995 when his wife presented him with a beginning soap making book. From the early days of ugly soap and vanishing fragrances, David turned his hobby into a steady stream of income producing fine, aromatic, handcrafted soap for fund raisers, local health food stores and specialty retailers. He joined forces with Lori way back in 2005 to expand the variety of soap making classes at The Nova Studio. Even though he’s retired from teaching classes (after 10 great years), we’re thrilled to have the products of his years of expertise available for sale as instant PDF downloads. Learn how to make really big batches of soap (his specialty) as well as other intermediate/advanced soap making topics from David.


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