Donna Maria’s 4-Part Audio Business Boot Camp


with Donna Maria Coles Johnson

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There’s more (a lot more!) to starting a business than making a product and collecting the cash. Business planning, branding, marketing, intellectual property… these are all the stepping stones to creating a successful enterprise.

Our 4-part Small Business (Audio) Boot Camp offers advice, examples and strategies for getting your business off the ground, or giving it that boost that it needs!

Part 1: The New Brand of Business Leaders
Part 2: Saving Your Business Before It Starts
Part 3: Your Hidden Intellectual Property Assets
Part 4: Become The News You Want To Be

This Boot Camp was originally intended to be experienced as a whole (all 4 parts), but we are offering the option to purchase each part individually, so that you can pick and choose the part(s) you want, when you are ready for them. You can rest assured that each individual Audio Class stands on its own as a valuable business resource. Additionally, these sessions were professionally recorded & professionally edited to ensure excellent quality and a pleasurable listening experience.

When you purchase each Audio Business part, you get 2 things:

1) The main content in audio form (MPEG file).

2) A detailed text outline with hyperlinks (.pdf document) of what is covered, minute by minute.

Upon completion of your purchase, you’ll get access to the downloads (2 for each part). We recommend printing the outline (.pdf document) and using it to refer to & make notes on as you are listening to Donna Maria’s voice on the audio (MPEG) files. Download both files to your computer (and save them). There you can access & listen to them as many times as you like.

Click on the tabs above to read a detailed description of what is covered in each part.

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The New Brand of Business Leaders
When you think of small business, do you think of pink cosmetics cases collecting dust in the corner of the dining room of your childhood home? Or women gathered around a kitchen table testing out the latest in apple peeling devices and assorted bake ware? Well, Donna Maria of The Indie Beauty Network is here to tell you that there’s so much more to small business than bunny slippers and home parties.

In this 2 hour and 30 minute Audio Class, you’ll learn:
How the new brand of business leaders is changing the face of American business
How incorporating the notion of “leadership” into your business now will position you for future success
How to identify and develop your own unique leadership style
How to spot the right kind of leader to connect with for maximum win/win potential
and more!

Table of Contents (with the time frame for each topic)
Introduction (0-9:59)
From the beginning (10:00 to 14:13)
Building your brand (14:13 to 20:00)
The non-traditional company leadership (20:00 to 25:28)
3 very successful industry leaders & 10 shared traits (25:28 to 31:16)
What drives you? (31:16 to 32:39)
Exercise (32:39 to 38:36)
Do what you Love, the rest will come (38:36 to 41:43)
Ten things that leaders do to move their business forward:

1) Focus (41:43 to 1:02:30)
2) Associating with others (1:02:30 to 1:07:02)
3) Form your tribe (1:07:02 to 1:24:00)
4) Create a support team (1:24:00 to 1:32:06)
5) Connect with people you do not know (1:32:06 to 1:36:47)
6) Become a fisher and not a hunter (1:36:47 to 2:20:00)
7) Portray intensity in what you say and do (2:09:20 to 2:16:40)
8) Keep a positive attitude (2:16:40 to 2:24:00)
9) Focus on other people (2:24:00 to 2:26:14)
10) Pursue excellence, not perfection (2:26:14 to 2:28:32)

Review of 10 business practices of successful leaders (2:28:32 to 2:29:51)


Saving Your Business Before it Starts
OK, you’ve finalized your recipes, hooked up with the best suppliers and are ready to enter the marketplace. Or maybe you’ve been around for a while and are still waiting for you ship to come in. Either way, you may soon discover that there’s a lot more to turning dollars into profits than you once thought! While “small business workshops” abound, this one gives you the real low down so your mind set can keep up with the realities of business in a fast paced, global economy. In this workshop, Donna Maria bares the business and lifestyle mind set principles that she uses to successfully run her business and help others run theirs.

In this 3 hour Audio Class, you’ll learn:
How to choose the right business structure (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, etc.) for you
Discover the business and lifestyle mind set principles that will help you successfully run your business now and into the future
Donna Maria’s 12-step approach to business planning, or business planning without the headaches
and more!

Table of Contents (with the time frame for each topic)
Introduction (0 to 3:17)
The Law (03:17 to 09:07)
What is considered a cosmetic? (09:07 to 13:40)
Changing your true soap into a cosmetic or a drug (13:40 to 18:20)
Labeling your Product (18:20 to 24:50)
What is required to be on the label? (24:50 to 48:00)
What would a regulator want your customer to see? (49:00 to 1:02:26)
Creating a level of trust with your customers (59:00 to 1:02:26)
Claims on Labels (1:02:26 to 1:08:22)
FDA Requirements (8:22 to 13:40)
Warnings & Product Testing (1:13:40 to 1:16:55)
Water Verses No Water (1:16:55 to 1:23:00)
When you buy a base & modify it, does it make it yours? (1:23:00 to 1:29:10)
Good Manufacturing Practice / Procedures (1:29:10 to 1:34:47)
FDA Globalization Act (1:34:47 to 1:54:45)
Product Liability Insurance (1:54:45 to 2:02:22)
Small but mighty! Small company set up & structure. (2:02:22 to 2:12:47)
Ready? What is the first thing you do? (2:12:47 to 2:26:23)
Establishing the business mindset (2:26:23 to 2:39:30)
Saving your friends & family relationships & your sanity (2:39:30 to 2:49:18)
Educate yourself! (2:49:18 to 2:54:12)


Your Hidden Intellectual Property Assets
Are you sitting on a gold mine, and you don’t even know it? You’ve launched your business! Your website is collecting leads and maybe even generating sales. You’re cruising along, then suddenly you’re slapped with a lawsuit by another company that claims you are infringing on their trademark. Or maybe you look around at the competition and see someone else using a name that’s the same as or remarkably similar to yours. Now, you have to stop everything and spend far too much time with your lawyer — time you could be using to build your brand. Don’t let this happen to you!

In this 2 hour and 45 minute Audio Class, you’ll learn:
3 simple steps you can take to maximize avoidance of trademark and copyright problems
How and when to make firm moves to protect your own intellectual property
How to launch a brand that has little to no trademark problems, which will minimize the chances of others riding along on your coattails
and more!

Table of Contents (with the time frame for each topic)
Focus your Business (00:00 to 04:15)
Create a Message (04:16 to 10:45)
Exercise: (10:45 to 12:30)
Social Media (12:30 to 20:00)
Information & Education (20:00 to 26:00)
Uniqueness (26:00 to 32:00)
Review (32:00 to 33:25)
Your Brand (33:25 to 36:24)
Trade Marking & Branding (36:24 to 55:00)
Scheduling Time (56:00 to 01:05:00)
How much information is too much information? (01:05:00 to 01:16:00)
Intellectual Property (01:16:00 to 01:41:26)
Picking your Brand Name (01:41:27 to 02:15:00)
File a Trade Mark (02:15:00 to 02:43:53)


Becoming the News You Want to Be
Are you salivating to be featured in the pages of O, The Oprah Magazine? Are you waiting for the local television station to pick up your story and share it with people who will buy your product or service? Don’t hold your breath and don’t waste your time. The media is not what it used to be. In fact, the media is you. That’s right! Join Donna Maria for this jam-packed session of learning how you can save thousands of dollars in PR fees by using the Internet to become your own news outlet. This is not your mother’s PR workshop!

In this 2 hour and 30 minute Audio Class, you’ll learn:
How to use technology such as blogs, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube to create your own media conglomerate without spending a ton of money.
How to make your customers understand exactly what you are offering and be irresistibly attracted to it.
7 easy shortcuts to creating products that attract media attention, not only to your products but also to you as an expert in your field.
and more!

Table of Contents (with the time frame for each topic)
Overview of the topic
Introduction (0 to 1:06)
Never too late to start (01:06 to 3:40)
The Digital mainstream is replacing the traditional (3:40 to 10:03)
Video from Indie Beauty (10:03 to 12:22)
What is all the fuss about? (12:22 to 15:23)
What we will cover in this session (15:54 to 17:16)
Technology & politics (17:16 to 19:50) (19:50 to 38:15) (38:15 to 42:35)
All this media posting! Where do you find the time? (42:35 to 51:02) (51:02 to 53:33)
Broadening your electronic footprint (53:33 to 54:44)
Blogging (54:44 to 01:28:05)
Twitter (01:28:05 to 1:42:26)
YouTube, forums, and newsletters (1:34:50 to 1:42:26)
Back to Twitter (1:42:26 to 1:54:34)
The system to save time & keep you from getting overwhelmed (1:54:34 to 2:21:40)
The complete social network (2:21:40 to 2:30:54)


All sales are final. However, we want you to be happy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us!


Donna Maria Coles Johnson is an award-winning small business advocate and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network (IBN), a nationwide trade organization offering entrepreneurial training services and product liability insurance to Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. (Note: The Nova Studio has been proud member of the IBN since 2006). Donna Maria is also a former practicing attorney, an author, and the host of the Indie Business Podcast. Donna Maria taught the Original Business Boot Camp at The Nova Studio, and we’re proud to be offering it exclusively as a 4-part instantly downloadable Audio eClass. Learn strategies for getting your business off the ground or giving it the boost it needs from Donna Maria.


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