155 Words You Need to Know: Practical Wisdom for Creative Entrepreneurs (Paperback Book)


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by Lela Barker

For the last decade, Lela Barker has been busy building her personal empire. Blessed with an innate business sense but no college degree, she has founded a successful international beauty company, a nonprofit and a small business consulting firm. 155 Words You Need to Know: Practical Wisdom for Creative Entrepreneurs is the culmination of all the times she longed for a mentor to help navigate the dizzying maze of entrepreneurship. It’s the wisdom that sprung from the countless times someone asked a question during a meeting using a term she’d never before heard. Furiously scribbled foreign words were scrawled across paper and evenings were spent knee-deep in Google® searches to give them context and meaning. This wisdom didn’t come from textbooks or sitting through a class; it was hard-won and personally developed through years of trial and error, victories and stumbles, triumphs and tribulations.

155 Words You Need to Know: Practical Wisdom for Creative Entrepreneurs is your personal small business concierge. This beautifully designed guidebook will illuminate the who, what and how of building an empire for creative entrepreneurs of all stripes. Lela brings definition and clarity to challenging business concepts, along with practical advice and actionable wisdom gleaned from her decade in the entrepreneurial trenches. From CPQs (case pack quantities) to DPI (dots per inch), from media kits to brand dilution, and from customs brokers to independent contractors, there’s a full decade worth of practical wisdom packed inside these pages. Buy it, read it, then take over the world!

Book Size: 7 x 0.3 x 10

122 pages

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Lela Barker is the creator + CEO of Bella Lucce (an award-winning, international beauty company), the executive director of a Moroccan-based nonprofit and president of Lucky Break, a small business consulting firm serving the creative community. She has been honored to speak at business conferences and industry events from Palm Springs, California to Bamako, Mali. She’s taught on cruise ships, in African mud huts and in swanky hotel ballrooms. Lela has worked with USAID and sits on the executive board of Bead For Life, a nonprofit working to empower women and combat extreme poverty in Uganda. Her products and personal story have been featured in more than fifty publications worldwide. Lela believes in girl power, second chances, fab shoes and dark chocolate. She lives in in Columbia, SC with her two teen daughters and her high school sweetheart (it’s a great story!). Learn 155 words you need to know as a creative entrepreneur from Lela.


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