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Teacher Websites

Jen Grimes www.loftsoap.com

In the market for some yummy, hot process soaps? Check out the amazing creations from Jen on her website, including some foaming liquid soap. Her soaps are artful & fun, and so are her descriptions & photos!

Debbie Chialtas www.soapylove.com

Come to Soapylove, home of the Soapsicle and Let’s get Soapy – the only eZine for glycerine soap crafting! You’ll love our beautiful handmade soap pops and our gorgeous eZines packed full of fun and creative tutorials. Stop by and see what tickles your fancy!

Erin Pikor www.naiadsoaparts.com

Erin specializes in small batch handmade soaps, sugar scrubs, body creams, and more. She has been making bath and body products since 2006 and started the company Naiad Soap Arts in 2007 where she runs day to day operations, package design and product development and oversees production. The company has it’s own line of products and also works on custom silicone molds, product development and packaging for private label customers.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson www.IndieBusinessNetwork.com

Donna Maria is the CEO & Founder of Indie Business Network, a professional business network for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. Donna Maria is a popular blogger and the host and producer of the Indie Business Podcast. She is an award-winning small business advocate, author, national speaker and a mentor, coach and friend to women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Lela Barker www.LuckyBreakConsulting.com

Lela is president of Lucky Break, a small business consulting firm serving the creative community. She has been honored to speak at business conferences and industry events from Palm Springs, California to Bamako, Mali. She’s taught on cruise ships, in African mud huts and in swanky hotel ballrooms.

Kenna Cote www.modernsoapmaking.com

Kenna maintains a blog at Modern Soapmaking to provide recipes, tutorials, and resources for the soapmaker – whether a hobbyist or business owner. Often she creates premium resources in the form of online courses and ebooks, which are accessible through joining the Modern Soapmaking membership program. Kenna also offers mentoring and consulting services, both one-on-one and through a group setting.

David Critchfield www.missionpeaksoap.com

David sells supplies to soapmakers via the internet. He also taught several soap making classes including the big batch soap making portion of our popular 2-Day Soap Making Boot Camp – a class dozens took while thinking of going into the soap business on a larger scale (100 bar batches).

Marie Gale www.mariegale.com

Marie Gale is a three time author. First she wrote THE book on Soap & Cosmetic Labeling (necessary for anyone in the industry!) and then she put together a compilation of recipes found around the world – and throughout history! Most recently, she wrote a book on Good Manufacturing Practices for the Soap & Cosmetics industry. Check out her website above for more information about what Marie does.

Trade Organizations

Indie Business Network – Proud member since 2006

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG) – Proud member since 2005

Product Makers

Aftelier www.aftelier.com Contact: Mandy Aftel

Mandy, the guru of natural perfume & author of many of the books we recommend, is also a local small business, based in Berkeley. We highly recommend browsing her website, picking up a few of her books, or splurging on a couple of her rare essential oils (or a perfume!).

Piper Tate www.pipertate.com Contact: Valerie Rice

At Piper Tate, we share your desire for handcrafted, luxurious body products for your family. Our collections use organic, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, so our labels read like recipes rather than chemistry class. We invite you to nourish your family with our delicious body products.

Etta + Billie www.ettaandbillie.etsy.com Contact: Alana Rivera

Handcrafted natural eco-conscious bath and body products. Etta + Billie products are made from organic oils, botanicals, and essential oils. I never use synthetics (including fragrance oils), petrochemicals or parabens. Please take a few moments to check out the shop. Etta + Billie = Real, Honest Beauty

Essence of O www.essenceofo.com Contact: Conny & Dennis Olarte

Handmade natural glycerin soaps, gift baskets and soap of the month club. Cold process soaps and melt & pour using the finest scents and colors. Wake up your senses with the Essence of O.

Friends of The Nova Studio

Clean the World www.cleantheworld.org

Clean the World takes soap scraps and soap discarded from Hotels around the United States, and sterilizes it. After the soap is sterilized and pressed back into a useable bar, Clean the World sends it to those who need it most – the thousands of people around the world who don’t have access to soap on a daily basis.

Handcrafted Honeybee www.handcraftedhoneybee.com Location: Tehachapi, CA

Our friend Stacia and her husband Rob own & operate this family business that sells the most wonderful products and innovative create-your-own kits. Their focus is uplifting young girls and making them realize how capable, intelligent, and beautiful they are. Lori bought a kit for her niece Paige and they had a blast making lip balm together. Their weekly newsletter, written by Stacia, is fantastic. We are helping them spread the word far & wide.

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls www.may-belle.com

Without a doubt, the most creative person I know with a natural eye for style. We’ve been friends since we met working at Duke’s Canoe Club in Waikiki in our early twenties. She tolerated my input and attention to detail while we worked together to create my 6-page wedding invitation booklet and favor CD. If you ever get the chance to take a class with her, do it! You won’t be sorry.

Patrik Kusek www.patriksstudio.com

Patrik Kusek is a seasoned PMC (Precious Metal Clay) artist, Certified PMC Instructor and member of the PMC Guild. He taught at The Nova Studio for years in the beginning, before we went to just Bath & Body and is an amazing teacher and a kind person. Patrik has that magic combination of skill in his craft, natural teaching ability, and passion for what he does (not to mention a willingness to share it with others). His website beautifully showcases his one-of-a-kind art, which is sold directly to individuals and through several retail locations.

Joan Morais www.joanmorais.com

Joan is an aromatherapist & teaches classes on making natural skin, bath and body care products. Her herbal studies led her to make products with natural ingredients that promote vibrant skin, enhance wellness and are environmentally friendly. Her passion is to teach others how to make creative and fantastic products and create a successful product making business.

Diane Bouchard www.alteredbookstudio.blogspot.com

Diane was the very first teacher to join me years ago (my studio at that time was called “The Lavender Room”) and she offered card making & various paper art classes at The Nova Studio for years as well. Once she discovered the world of Altered Books, she never looked back. Her website is a place to learn about the basics of altered books and see samples of Diane’s beautiful work.

Jane, Inc. www.jane-inc.com Contact: Jane Diokas

Founded is 1994, this large scale professional bath & body wholesale company is located in Point Richmond (there is no walk-in retail location, just a wholesale warehouse). You see Jane’s magnificent products for sale at very high end companies all over the country. Her luxurious eye pillows and signature bath fizzys are all you need to feel like a queen or a king for a day.

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