Experience a Class with Alice – Balms & Salves – On Demand

Making Balms & Salves Study Session - Student Setup

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… everybody loves Alice! And now, you have the opportunity to experience a class with the lovely Alice Duvernell, from the comfort of your own home. Her brand NEW Balms & Salves Study Session is a recorded video class where Alice covers over two and a half hours of balms & salves know-how, including going through her handouts, making a balm during the video, answering tons of valuable questions, and dropping nuggets of knowledge & wisdom all along the way.

Balms & Salves Study Session - Student Setup

One of the joys of experiencing a class with Alice is that she covers so much more than *just* the topic. She talks about using essential oils on babies, alternate uses for her recipes, and honest-to-goodness benefits you can get when you make these nourishing products for yourself.

Making Balms & Salves

With the purchase of Alice’s newly recorded Balms & Salves Study Session, you’ll get:

  • Alice’s detailed 23-page Balms & Salves Class Handouts, which includes recipes, instructions, & loads of background info on all ingredients
  • Unlimited, on demand access to Alice’s recorded 2-hour+ video, including watching her make a soothing zinc balm, live on camera
  • A detailed time stamp to help you navigate through the video to the parts that matter most to you (especially helpful for anyone who watches more than once)
  • Recommended suppliers & resources to purchase from, & more.

We’re thrilled to finally have a video recording with Alice available. She is a pro at creating a real experience during her classes, whether in-person, or online. Her enthusiasm and love for handmade products is infectious! Once you begin making these amazing balms & salves for yourself, you’ll realize why she is so passionate & wants to share her knowledge & experience with all of you.

Wonder what to expect after ordering? Check out our blog post that will walk you through where to find your video, handout, and more. And then make your purchase on the Balms & Salves Study Session product page.

Have you already taken a class with Alice? If so, tell us your favorite thing about her in the comments! We love to gush about our teachers with happy & grateful students :)


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