Upcoming Class in Sonoma, CA with Alice Duvernell

Upcoming Class in Sonoma, CA with Alice Duvernell

We know how much y’all love Alice, so we wanted to share with you a unique in-person upcoming class she’s teaching in Sonoma, CA on Sunday, April 9, 2017, from 10am-5pm called Scent of Emotions and Aromas for the Mind as part of a fundraiser for the Sonoma Herb Exchange.

Alice's Upcoming Class

Here is her description:

As you have no doubt observed, the sense of smell (olfactory perception) generates in each and every one of us powerful physiological responses, emotions and sparks off memories and inspirations. Because olfactory stimulation biologically influences the same brain receptors that process emotions, students will explore, through a series of sensorial experiences, their own emotional and physiological responses.

Alice will invite students to delve deep into a sense of “feeling” rather than “thinking” as they discover and rediscover the aromas of enchanting essential oils. Alice’s innovative approach to experiencing scents will enable participants to open the pathway that connects smell, emotions, memories and the body. Stimulation of olfactory perception, the most primal of our senses, by the pure natural aroma of the plant allows us to travel deep into ourselves, revealing emotional patterns, past traumas and physiological blockages that words cannot always reach.

In the second part of the upcoming class, the 21 essential oils that have been used for sensorial experiences will be studied in more depth. Participants will discover their own unique profile and a number of simple tools to enable the creation of a customized blend. Each student will have the time and opportunity to realize a self-portrait of their own healing aroma-blend, reflecting as much as possible, their essence, healing vision and desires. This personalized formula will be blended into a hydrosol distilled from regional herbs in an artisan copper still.

Alice's Upcoming Class

Get more informationbuy tickets…or RSVP to Alice’s event on Facebook to connect with other students! We can’t recommend Alice highly enough and know you’ll love the opportunity to learn from her in-person.


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