• Soap & Body Products, together at last!

    This brand-new boot camp combines our two loves – soap from scratch AND body products like lotion, butters, and more! Sign up for individual days or sign up for the whole thing (all 4 days) and save $200. This is a perfect first boot camp for anyone who wants to get their feet wet, get to learn from not 1, but 4 of our most experienced teachers, and see what types of products they’re drawn to making before you start on this new adventure.

    The boot camp will be held on September 19-22, 2015. We hope to see you there!

  • 20% Off Featured Book: Good Manufacturing Practices

    Establishing and then following good manufacturing practices in your business is like having and using a GPS navigator to get around town.  No matter how familiar you are with the streets, it takes a lot less effort to just follow the directions. The trick, of course, is having all the necessary information in the navigator to start with. For a limited time, Marie’s book will be 20% off on our site. Interested in what other paperback books we sell? Check out our growing collection.

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Spoon Swirl for TKB Trading

Spoon Swirl for TKB Tradi

Here's the second bath of soap Ruth made for TKB Trading's 2015 HSCG Table! She decided to use the spoon swirl technique to try to show off those vivid colors as well as possibRead More!
Art of Distillation & Botanical Extracts

Art of Distillation & Bot

Have you heard? Alice has put together a new series with a few of her very popular classes! Now you can take Botanical Extracts ~ 3 Types: Oil, Glycerin & Alcohol, plus HanRead More!
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