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    Learn Milk Soap Making with Ruth

    Our co-owner & resident soap maker Ruth Esteves is so busy making soap for Sirona Springs. But she has a rare soap class coming up on Sunday, May 31 (the last time she will teach this class)! She will show you how to incorporate three types of milk (goats’, soy & coconut in powder, condensed & fresh forms) into your Cold Process soap. You’ll love learning from her, she’s a fantastic teacher & soap maker! Can’t be here in person? Check out her Class Handout on this valuable topic.

  • 20% Off Featured Book: Good Manufacturing Practices

    Establishing & following good manufacturing practices in your business is like having & using GPS to get around town.  No matter how familiar you are with the streets, it takes a lot less effort to just follow the directions. The trick, of course, is having all the necessary information in the navigator to start with.  That’s what GMP is all about—setting up the navigation system for your production & manufacturing, so you can avoid the potholes & steer clear of the factors that could potentially wreck your product. For a limited time, Marie’s book will be 20% off on our site. Interested in what other paperback books we sell? Check out our growing collection.

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Alcohol for Perfumery

Alcohol for Perfumery

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Rave Review: Cold Process Soap 101

Rave Review: Cold Process

Check out this great rave review we recently received about the Cold Process Soap 101 class! "I took the Cold Process 101 class a few weeks ago. Made my first 2lb batch yesterRead More!
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