• Transparent Soap Making Class Handouts – Just Released!

    Are you drawn to the pretty, jewel-like see-through “Glycerin Soaps” on the shelf? Do you craft soap using “Melt & Pour Soap Base” and have ever wondered if you could make it yourself? Do you make Cold Process or Hot Process Soap already, and want to take your soapmaking skills up to the next level? If you answered yes to any of those questions… get ready! You can now make your own transparent & meltable soaps, from scratch! Handmade Soaps made from scratch, both Cold Process and Hot Process, are naturally opaque (i.e., not see-through), but with a few added ingredients, and some additional soapmaking knowledge (a good tested recipe & clear instructions), you can put a unique twist on your handmade soap that will set it apart from the rest and impress most of your soapmaker friends.

  • Big Batch/Production Soap

    Instead of trying to figure out how to scale up all by yourself, why not ask a veteran soapmaker, someone who’s been making extra-large batches of soap to sell for years. Professional soapmaker David Critchfield, owner of Mission Peak Soap, describes his process of mixing, pouring, and cutting a 35-pound batch of cold process (CP) soap. In the pages of these Class Handouts, he’ll share with you his inexpensive 5-gallon bucket method and cover the most efficient way to create production size batches of fabulous handmade soap. This is a wonderful opportunity to take your soap production/business to the next level.

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Transparent Soap (DIY Melt & Pour Soap Base) Class Handout Released!

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Are you drawn to the pretty, jewel-like see-through “Glycerin Soaps” on the shelf, as opposed to their to their opaque counterparts? Do you craft soap using “Melt & PouRead More!

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