• New Business Boot Camp with Preston Tillotson

    One-half of the great minds behind Sudz by Studz and Gratitude Soapery, Preston has curated a unique curriculum for those just starting our their businesses or who want to soon. Working in close collaboration with Lori Nova Endres, the classes Preston has put together for The Nova Studio are uniquely catered to our students – and many topics Preston has never taught anywhere else before.

    Get information on everything from the nuts & bolts to how to make it all work without taking out a loan – and even how to lessen the frustration that everyone experiences when working with accounting for the first time! Don’t miss this boot camp!

  • collageHolly Port is Teaching at The Nova Studio!

    We are so excited to have a brand-new guest teacher at The Nova Studio – author of THE book on fizzies, Make it Fizz, Holly Port! Holly also runs Lotion Bar Cafe and will be teaching a wide range of products here in just over a month in her new boot camp, “Fizz, Bubble, Soften & Relax.” Check out just a few of the recipes she’ll be teaching students to make (many of them hands-on!):

    Bath Bombs ~ Bubble Bars ~ Sugar Scrubs ~ Soy Candles

    Many of the topics Holly is covering have never been taught at The Nova Studio before. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

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How Did You Get Here?

How Did You Get Here?

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When You Visit: Mechanics

Imagine, if you will: You've come to a class at The Nova Studio. You're excited & can't wait to get started. You're welcomed to the class & asked for the materials fee.Read More!
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