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    We’re a trio of women (Lori Nova Endres, Ruth Esteves, & Cassie Durant), dedicated to the cause of helping people make their own artisan soap, natural skincare, and all sorts of fun bath & body products. Our students make these products for themselves, their families & friends, and many are driven entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses. We’re here to collaborate & support you in your creative journey. We have a group of amazing teachers, willing to share their secrets & techniques. Currently, you can “learn from us” many different ways, all from the comfort of your own home. Reach out & let us know how we can serve you best!

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SoapMaker Software Discount

SoapMaker Software Discou

At The Nova Studio, we help people by providing tested recipes, solid methods & techniques, and clear & detailed instructions. In addition, we recommend products, sRead More!
Healthy Habit Apps for The New Year

Healthy Habit Apps for Th

I have a confession to make... I'm kind of obsessed with apps. As a small business owner, anything that helps me be more productive, organize my day, or develop better habits iRead More!

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