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CP Milk Soaps Class – Coconut, Soy & Goat Milk

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


Taught by Ruth Esteves

Discover the creamy world of milk soaps!
When used in place of distilled water, milk is a lovely addition to cold process soap. Many folks consider milk soaps to be milder, more conditioning, and have a creamier lather.

But using milk in cold process soap takes a bit more care. Although they are mostly water, milks also contain proteins, sugars and fats. These components bring beneficial qualities to soap, but they can also make soapmaking a little trickier.

Fear not! This class will take the mystery out of making beautiful milk soaps.

This is an intermediate level class. See Prerequisite Requirements below.

Please Note: A materials fee of $15 in cash is due
and will be collected on the day of the class.

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We will have 3 hours to explore the various techniques that you can use to incorporate milk into your soaps. This unique next-level class includes:

• a discussion of which milks and milk products are good additions to soap
• in-class demonstrations of three batches of soap made with goat milk, coconut milk & soy milk
• see & compare examples of Ruth’s soaps, made using various other types of milk

When all is said and done, you’ll have the knowledge & confidence you need to make your own milk soaps at home, including a thorough handout with clear instructions/resources and three full-sized (cured) bars of milk soap, just like the ones made in class.

How about Alternative Non-Milk Liquids?
If you are interested in making cold process soap with other liquids besides milk or water, check out Ruth’s other class called “CP Soapmaking with Alternative Liquids: Beer, Coffee & Juice” that focuses exclusively on the use of other kinds of interesting beverages in “from-scratch” soapmaking.



This intermediate-level soapmaking class is designed for students who have either taken our Cold Process Soap Making 101 Class or who have experience making soap from scratch on their own. If you have never made soap from scratch before (cold process or hot process), you must first take our Cold Process Soap Making 101 class which demonstrates soapmaking and teaches all the basics (including lye safety) needed for all beginning soap makers.

Ruth headshot square versionRuth Esteves, Co-Owner of The Nova Studio, started making handmade soap in 2006 as another in a long line of hobbies. Since then, she has gone from whipping up quick melt-and-pour soap gifts for her friends to designing and selling her own cold process soaps online through Sirona Springs. Trained as a laboratory research scientist, Ruth finds that soapmaking is the perfect blending of chemistry and art. Ruth is also a certified soapmaker and a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild (HSCG). Learn from Ruth at the Studio or at Home.

If you are coming from out of town, contact us before making any non-refundable travel arrangements so we can verify the class has met the minimum and is definitely a go.

All payments are non-refundable, but we do offer partial class credit depending on how much advance notice you give us. If you cannot attend a class, you can always send someone in your place. Alternatively, you can receive partial credit as described below. Note: We do not offer refunds, only future class credits.

At Least 7 Days’ Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us at 510-234-5700 with 7 or more days’ notice, you will be able to transfer your class fee, minus a $15 change fee, to any future class.

At Least 48 Hours’ Notice: If you cannot attend (for any reason) and you call us with at least 48 hours’ notice (but less than 7 days before the class) you will be able to transfer 50% of your class fee to any future class.

Less than 48 Hours’ Notice: If you give us less than 48 hours’ notice that you cannot attend a class, you forfeit your class fee. We are happy to send the class handouts to you. Simply email us a request.

If We Have to Cancel: In the rare case where enrollment is below the studio minimum of 5 students, the teacher has the right to cancel no later than the Monday prior to the class. If a class is cancelled, you will be contacted using the phone number and/or e-mail address that you gave when signing up. You will have a choice of a full refund or a credit for any future class.

2 reviews for CP Milk Soaps Class – Coconut, Soy & Goat Milk

  1. Lisa Day
    5 out of 5


    There is so much information but it’s presented in a way that’s not at all overwhelming. Instead it feels like Ruth provides the answers to every possible question! Ruth is a GREAT teacher! She is super knowledgeable & encouraging and answered all of our questions while still keeping on task & moving the class forward. I love that Ruth’s handouts always have so many pictures & are in color!

  2. Donna Beckman
    5 out of 5


    Easy going style, gave lots of great tips. Loved it! I make milk soaps already but I learned some neat tricks to do a better job and have a consistent product.

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