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Links & Suppliers


Mountain Rose Herbs www.mountainroseherbs.com Location: Eugene, OR
Excellent high quality organic ingredients for making your own natural products. When placing your orders, please enter the site through either of the links on this page so they know we sent you! We also get a small referral discount.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Essential Depot www.essentialdepot.com Location: Sebring, FL
This is the company we purchase our lye for soapmaking from! They just moved to a larger facility and are starting to carry everything you need to make natural perfumes, including 3% dilutions, bottles & more.

Soap Equipment www.soapequipment.com Location: Hagerstown, IN
This company serves our handcrafted industry to over 90 countries and 1,600 cities since 1996. Get professional quality soap and candle making equipment, tools and accessories here. If you enter their site through our link below when ordering and enter code NovaStudio in the coupon/discount code field at checkout; you'll save 5% off ALL on-line orders. Note: The Code: "NovaStudio" is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as written.

Soap Equipment Logo

From Nature with Love www.fromnaturewithlove.com Location: Hawleyville, CT
FNWL offers a large selection of 1,750+ natural ingredients used in soap making, skin care, hair care, toiletries, aromatherapy, spa products and also offers packaging supplies, bath accessories, etc. If you enter code EDU149 in the discount code field at checkout, you'll save 10% off your entire on-line order and we'll get a small referral discount. Some restrictions apply.

From Nature With Love

Bramble Berry www.brambleberry.com Location: Bellingham, WA
Owner Anne-Marie Faiola is an amazing resource for the soap community. Her online supply company was one of the very first that Lori ordered from back in 2001. They specialize in Melt & Pour Soapcrafting and have a very large selection of fragrance oils (most of them are tested for CP soap as well). They also offer a good variety of raw materials to make many do-it-yourself bath & body care products. When you take a class at The Nova Studio you will receive a discount code for this company.

Mad Mimi www.MadMimi.com
Mad Mimi is the service we use to send our newsletters & blog feed via email. We also use the service internally for emails to teachers, TAs & more. Their templates are easy to configure & customize without hiccups & extra fluff often found on bigger companies' newsletter services.


Pure Jojoba www.pure-jojoba.com Location: Garden Grove, CA
Find pure jojoba in 15mL bottles to bulk sizes, for all users & needs. 15mL spray bottles are great applications for perfumers, skin care enthusiasts, or personal hair care! Jojoba is made here in the United States, from jojoba grown on their family-owned farm. Use code NOVA10OFF for 10% off any regular size jojoba & NOVA5OFF for 5% off any bulk size.

Juniper Tree www.junipertreesupplies.com Location: Berkeley, CA
This is our local soap and candle supplier here in the bay area. It's a one-stop shop where you can purchase almost all the raw materials used in my classes. I used to teach classes for Juniper Tree and my first studio (The Lavender Room) was located across the street from the store. The retail store is a treat for the eyes and the senses. The website went on-line in Jan. '06 and although they don't take on-line orders, you can get their contact info and browse their products. Get a discount card good for 10% off your next supply order with every bath/body class you take at The Nova Studio.

Lotioncrafter www.lotioncrafter.com Location: Olga, WA
Lotioncrafter is a supplier of ingredients, packaging and equipment for making lotions/creams. They feature fine cosmetic ingredients, actives and cosmeceuticals, preservatives, silicones, and formulating equipment. Visit Lotioncrafter's on-site Reference Room for accurate information on ingredients, formulating, regulations and more.  When you take a class at The Nova Studio you will receive a discount code for this company. When you take a class at The Nova Studio you will receive a discount code for this company.

Mission Peak Soap www.missionpeaksoap.com Location: Fremont, CA
Owner and soapmaking expert David Critchfield teaches the Big Batch finale of the 2-Day Soap Making Boot Camp here at The Nova Studio. We buy supplies from him because he's local (bay area), reasonably priced, and an all-around great guy. We
highly recommend his wooden soap mold/cutter (for 4 lb. batches), soap beveller, and also buy large quantities (35-50 lbs) of coconut & palm oil, ROE antioxidant, lotion making supplies and anything else that we use that he carries. When you take a class at The Nova Studio you will receive a discount code for this company.

TKB Trading www.wholesalecolors.com Location: Oakland, CA
Owner Kaila Westerman taught the original class on Making Mineral Makeup here at The Nova Studio. She also wrote the book we recommend for Melt & Pour Soap Crafting. Her company sells raw materials (all types of colors, mineral makeup supplies & more) through their website. We use her oxides & ultramarines in our cold process soap. They don't have a retail walk-in location, but you can purchase on-line and pick-up of your order to save shipping.

Soapies Supplies www.soapiessupplies.com Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Soap and toiletry making supplies for the handcrafter - since 2001. Soapies Supplies specializes in numerous and varied containers; base and specialty oils; flavored oils and fragrance oils; creamy butters; raw materials such as almond meal, citric acid and sea salts; soap molds; and finally, a fantastic line of colorful jojoba spheres.

Elements Bath & Body www.elementsbathandbody.com Location: Crestwood, KY
Started in 2002 by Mike & Tammy Tivis. a wholesale soap making & toiletry supply resource for those who are inspired to make quality products. They are committed to providing high quality products, excellent customer service, fast shipping & reasonable prices.

San Francisco Bath Salt Company www.sfbsc.com Location: Hayward, CA
If you live on the West Coast and are looking for bulk salt, this is the place to go! Their prices are very reasonable and when you factor in the cost of shipping their prices almost can't be beat. They offer many different types of bulk salt like dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, dendritic, epsom, and a bunch of others. When ordering, use the special code NOVA in the discount code field at checkout, you'll save 5% off your entire on-line order! Offer not valid on 100 lbs of salt or more, or on already-discounted items.

Online Labels www.onlinelabels.com Location: Longwood, FL
We've been doing our our labels for years and purchasing the blank label stock from this company. Great customer service, excellent selection & competitive prices.

Soap Impressions www.soapimpressions.com
We have two custom logo stamps from Soap Impressions that we absolutly adore - along with an awesome alphabet stamp. As well as offering custom & in-stock soap stamps, they also have pH strips for testing your soap and several fonts to choose from for your alphabet stamp set. Pair great products with excellent customer service, and you get Soap Impressions! Let them know we sent you.

Essential Wholesale www.essentialwholesale.com Location: Clackamas, OR
A huge selection of pre-made bases to formulate with ease, testing services (for lotions/creams, etc.) and really good information on their website telling about their products. They carry just about every product one would need to make their own natural products. Great company - great customer service. If you enter code nova05 in the coupon/discount code field at checkout you'll save 5% off your entire on-line order. 

Candlewic.com www.candlewic.com Location: PA
Large selection of natural candle waxes, wick & everything candle related. We really like their EVO dyes (candle colorants). Good prices on 500 packs of wick. Mention code "welcome" to receive 10% Off Your First Order of $50 or more.

Oak Court Creations www.oakcourtcreations.com Location: Minooka, IL
Home of AromaArt Air Fresheners, a fun easy product to add to your scented bath & body line. Find base oils, incense supplies, reed diffuser ingredients, and a lot more on their well-organized site.


Proud member of the Indie Business Network since 2006

Indie Business Member

Proud member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild (HSCG) since 2005


David Critchfield www.missionpeaksoap.com
David sells supplies to soapmakers via the internet. He also teaches several soap making classes including the big batch soap making portion of our popular 2-Day Soap Making Boot Camp at The Nova Studio - a must take for those thinking of going into the soap business on a larger scale (100 bar batches). Sign-up for his class and then go to his website and buy your supplies!

Ruth Esteves www.sironasprings.com
Ruth sells her cold process soap online through her company, Sirona Springs. Named for the ancient Celtic goddess of healing, Sirona Springs is a women-owned company dedicated to making beautiful soap by blending ancient methods with modern, high-quality ingredients.

Jen Grimes www.loftsoap.com
In the market for some yummy, hot process soaps? Check out the amazing creations from Jen on her website, including some foaming liquid soap. Her soaps are artful & fun, and so are her descriptions & photos! Fill out the online form to get your own delicious bars.

Debbie Chialtas www.soapylove.com
Come to Soapylove, home of the Soapsicle and Let's get Soapy - the only eZine for glycerine soap crafting! You'll love our beautiful handmade soap pops and our gorgeous eZines packed full of fun and creative tutorials. Stop by and see what tickles your fancy!

Erin Pikor www.naiadsoaparts.com
Erin specializes in small batch handmade soaps, sugar scrubs, lip balms, and more. She frequently makes her own molds, and is well known for her Macaron soaps, which sell out in her Etsy store almost immediately. She most recently molded & made miniature soaps in the shape of Gummy Bears - they smell just as yummy, but don't eat them!

Robert Tisserand www.roberttisserand.com
Robert is a supplier of fine Essential Oils & Aromatherapy products. Check out his site for body & hair care, skin treatments, & natural remedies, using pure essential oils. You can also find a lot more great information about Robert's company & what he does - including speaking all over the world!

Marie Gale www.mariegale.com
Marie Gale is a three time author. First she wrote THE book on Soap & Cosmetic Labeling (necessary for anyone in the industry!) and then she put together a compilation of recipes found around the world - and throughout history! Most recently, she wrote a book on Good Manufacturing Practices for the Soap & Cosmetics industry. Check out her website above for more information about what Marie does.

Donna Maria Coles Johnson www.INDIEbeauty.com
Donna Maria has long been the primary advocate for all of the "micro" beauty business, but lately is expanding to all things indie - including industries like jewelry & accessories. She is an author, blogger, & private consultant and is a great resource for anyone who does - or wants to! - own their own business.

Melanie Monteverde www.craftymojo.com
Melanie has taught several classes at The Nova Studio, but her talents extend far beyond the variety of products she includes in her handouts! Follow her blog for information on her other skills, including knitting & lotions making.


Aftelier www.aftelier.com Contact: Mandy Aftel
Mandy, the guru of natural perfume & author of many of the books we recommend, is also a local small business, based in Berkeley. We highly recommend browsing her website, picking up a few of her books, or splurging on a couple of her rare essential oils (or a perfume!).

Piper Tate www.pipertate.com Contact: Valerie Rice
At Piper Tate, we share your desire for handcrafted, luxurious body products for your family. Our collections use organic, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, so our labels read like recipes rather than chemistry class. We invite you to nourish your family with our delicious body products.

Etta + Billie www.ettaandbillie.etsy.com Contact: Alana Rivera
Handcrafted natural eco-conscious bath and body products. Etta + Billie products are made from organic oils, botanicals, and essential oils. I never use synthetics (including fragrance oils), petrochemicals or parabens. Please take a few moments to check out the shop. Etta + Billie = Real, Honest Beauty

Wonderland Organics www.Wonderland-Organics.com Contact: Alice Lin
Whimsical, dreamy & adventurous, Alice makes products using organic, fair trade ingredients & the best oils she can find. With recyclable violet glass bottles that protect her products from the sunlight & oxidation, her commitment to the environment extends beyond ingredients.

A Wicked Scent www.awickedscent.com Contact: Daryl Cullen
Hand-made, hand-poured candles including pillars, votives, travel tins, containers and more including a line of bath and body products and accessories.

Essence of O www.essenceofo.com Contact: Conny & Dennis Olarte
Handmade natural glycerin soaps, gift baskets and soap of the month club. Cold process soaps and melt & pour using the finest scents and colors. Wake up your senses with the Essence of O.

Ganache for Lips www.ganacheforlips.com Contact: Patricia West
Delicious lip balm with real Sharffen Berger chocolate! It's difficult to decide which one is best - I love them all!

mi SPA www.mi-spa.com Contact: Mimie Wong
With mi™, creating harmony and enhancing natural beauty begins with a transformation of the body and its surrounding. Continuing with the Asian tradition of tending to the body, make mi™ your daily ritual for body and mind rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a rewarding regimen of extravagant spa-like pampering for some well-earned “mi” time.

Lavande de Bois www.lavandedebois.com Contact: Susanne Schlador
Soapmaking tradition crosses the art of combining essential oils, herbs, and other gifts of nature to create unique beauty and aroma in every bar of soap.

OTHER WEB SITES (Not Related to Soap/Bath/Body/Candle)

Illustrator: Victoria Saxe www.victoria-saxe.com

Rubber Stamp Artist & Teacher: Sonia Schimke www.freewebs.com/stampinsonia/

Web Design: Lisa Berman www.bermandesign.com


Clean the World. www.cleantheworld.org
Clean the World takes soap scraps and soap discarded from Hotels around the United States, and sterilizes it. After the soap is sterilized and pressed back into a useable bar, Clean the World sends it to those who need it most - the thousands of people around the world who don't have access to soap on a daily basis.

Jane, Inc. www.jane-inc.com Contact: Jane Diokas
Founded is 1994, this large scale professional bath & body wholesale company is located right here in Point Richmond. You see Jane's magnificent products for sale at very high end companies all over the country. Her luxurious eye pillows and signature bath fizzys are all you need to feel like a queen or a king for a day.

Angela Silva www.angelasilva.com
Angela is a mixed-media collage artist and the official authority on image transfer techniques. Her very informative and organized classes are frequented by "artist" types who learn the transfer techniques and then apply the transfers to their art medium of choice. Angela's classes have a cult-like following - students can't seem to get enough.

Patrik Kusek www.patriksstudio.com
Patrik Kusek is a seasoned PMC (Precious Metal Clay) artist, Certified PMC Instructor and member of the PMC Guild. Patrik has that magic combination of skill in his craft, natural teaching ability, and passion for what he does (not to mention a willingness to share it with others). His website beautifully showcases his one-of-a-kind art, which is sold directly to individuals and through several retail locations.

Marla Bosworth www.backporchsoap.com
Prepare to be inspired by Marla's beautiful soaps, including an amazing collection of bath salts, soaps, & home fragrances all inspired by the ocean! Her Sea Glass M&P soaps are serene & sweet and can even be purchased as wedding favors.

Julia Alpers www.bullnosetiledesign.com
My talented friend Julia has been an artist all her life. In 1999, she began to focus her energy on large scale public murals. It wasn’t long before Julia realized if you want the art to last, tile is the only way to go. A desire to pursue her artistic goals on her own terms led Julia to go out on her own and start her own business in 2006. Today, Julia’s work can be experienced in private and public spaces throughout the SF Bay Area.

K. Ruby Blume www.sparkybeegirl.com
Ruby Blume has started The Institute of Urban Homesteading which offers classes in gardening, beekeeping, winemaking, canning, cheesemaking, herbal medicines and more!
The Urban Homestead classroom is a gathering place to research, ferment and learn together. They feature small class sizes and experiential learning.

Diane Bouchard www.alteredbookstudio.blogspot.com
Diane was the very first teacher to join me years ago (my studio at that time was called "The Lavender Room") and she offered card making classes. Once she discovered the world of Altered Books, she never looked back. Her website is a place to learn about the basics of altered books and see samples of Diane's beautiful work.

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls www.may-belle.com
Without a doubt, the most creative person I know. She tolerated my input and extreme attention to detail while we worked together on my 6 page wedding invitation booklet and favor CD. One of these days I hope to persuade her to teach a class at The Nova Studio. If you are in need of some style, hire her, you won't be sorry.

Deanna Sauter www.vitalitysoap.com
Deanna's company, Vitality Soap, sells soap and an array of delicious, earth-friendly, aromatherapy-inspired bath and body products for the promotion of happy, healthy skin. Deanna Sauter began making melt & pour soap in 2002. Years of diligence, some good advice from seasoned soap makers and a switch to using only all-natural, earth-friendly, vegetable-based products and essential oils paid off and in 2005, Vitality Soap was born.

Joan Morais www.joanmorais.com
Joan is an aromatherapist & teaches classes on making natural skin, bath and body care products. Her herbal studies led her to make products with natural ingredients that promote vibrant skin, enhance wellness and are environmentally friendly. Her passion is to teach others how to make creative and fantastic products and create a successful product making business.

Stumasa www.stumasa.com
Located in Cole Valley, Stumasa offers a range of affordable solid-wood home furnishings, from bookcases to dressers, and tables. Husband (Greg) does the building and wife (Maybelle) does the styling and is the buyer for everything else in the store. They also offer custom built pieces and a wide array of hand-picked treasures to decorate your home. The nifty jar shelves in the back-right corner of the studio are from Stumasa and originally designed for CDs.


The Hotel Mac www.hotelmac.net 510-235-0010
Charming historic hotel & restaurant - closest & best overnight accommodations to The Nova Studio (just a few minutes walking). The recommended place to stay if you are coming to take classes and staying overnight. Irene, the woman in charge of the Hotel, is extremely pleasant to deal with and loves meeting students who come from all over the world to take classes at The Nova Studio. Mention that you're taking a class at The Nova Studio for $15 off the room rate per night!

The Annex www.pointrichmondshorttermrentals.com 510-235-0081
Finally, another recommended place to stay near the studio! I personally know the Proprietor Linda Newton (contact her at annex.ptrichmond@gmail.com). She and her husband rent out a cottage that is just minutes away from the studio (walking). The address is: 212 Washington Avenue, Point Richmond, CA 94801. It's about the same distance away as the Hotel Mac. It's only one unit, so the availability may be limited, but it's definitely worth the call to see if it's available!

Point Richmond's Official Website www.pointrichmond.com
The official website for Point Richmond, a quaint historic neighborhood in the city of Richmond, CA. A great resource for all things Point Richmond. Check it out!


VISTA PRINT DISCOUNT www.vistaprint.com/referral
As some of you know, I get my business cards printed at vistaprint.com. They are a full service on-line print shop that is easy to order from and I've always been happy with the end result. They recently gave me a referral link to pass on a discount to you (and I earn a little credit if you do order). You must use the link above to get the discount and it's for first time customers only.

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