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  • Alt liquids soap stackHandmade Soap for the Holidays

    We proudly sell Sirona Springs Soap, made by our very own Ruth Esteves, right here at at The Nova Studio. It’s made in small batches, packaged beautifully & ready to give. Handcrafted cold process soap, like the kind that we make, retains the glycerin that is naturally produced in the process. Glycerin is a natural humectant, attracting moisture from the air to your skin, helping to keep it soft & supple. The soap we currently sell is made using the “cold processed” method, a chemical reaction discovered by ancient peoples as far back as the Egyptians.

    Be sure to get your orders in by Thursday, 12/18 to guarantee delivery by Christmas!

  • Welcome to The Nova Studiostudio view from outside

    Our passion is teaching people to make bath & body products naturally, efficiently, and (for many students) profitably! And now with a brand-new website, we’ve made it easier than ever to bring you the information you want and need.

    Things may look a little different around here, but it’s still the same Nova Studio you know & love. Click around and explore. Or head over to our blog (which also got a makeover) and learn about some of the highlights…  Read More!

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